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1982 -

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The TWU Archives was informally established in 1982, on the strength of grant funding acquired by Library Director David Twiest, who began to accummulate school records, as well as the archival records of Robert N. Thompson; in 1982-1983 he hired a contract archivist to begin to manage these materials.

For some years, very little work was accomplished, owing to a lack of funding.
In 1988, Ted Goshulak accepted the position of reference librarian; his responsibilities included general oversight of the archives department, which was by now established as part of the library.
In 1994 Ms Stopforth was hired to work on a part-time basis as reference librarian and archivist. Between 1995 and 2014, Stopforth successfully applied for over $47,000 in provincial and federal grant funding, which was applied to salaries, shelving, supplies, and computer hardware and software. Student assistants were hired with funding from the Work Studies Program, a provincial program that was cut ca. 2002. Stopforth resigned from this position in 2019. In February 2019, Ms. Krause succeeded as University Archivist and Assistant Librarian.


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As reflected in the minutes of the Board of Governors, an Archives Department was formally established in 1983. "7.4.2. Archives Policy: WT/DJ [Bill Tatum and Dean Johnson] Moved the establishment of an archives department at Trinity Western with details to be worked out by the Administration. CARRIED." Saturday, January 30, 1983.

내부 조직/가계

Archivists have included:
Lynne Wilkinson, Acting Archivist, ca. 1982 to ca. 1984
Ted Goshulak, Librarian & Archivist, 1988-1994
Sylvia Stopforth, Archivist & Librarian, 1994 - 2018
Tracey Krause, University Archivist & Assistant Librarian, 2019-

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October 31, 2013




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