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35 Archival description results for Trees

직접 관련된 결과 35 건 상세 용어 제외

Tree planting

Photograph of Jenn Kerr, a sophomore student, planting an evergreen tree seedling in a field; other people are visible in the background

Tree planting

Photograph of four unidentified male students planting evergreen tree seedlings in a field; one is holding a shovel

Cherry trees in bloom

Photograph of the memorial trees planted in front of Douglas Hall in honour of the six aviation students and instructors who lost their lives in the March 1991 plane crashes

University Library

Photograph of the front and west side of the library, possibly taken from the roof of the RNT Building. Parked cars and the old apple tree are featured in the foreground.

A view of the apple tree on campus.

Slide is of a group of individuals pruning the apple tree on campus. The tree is located on the lawn between the library and the RNT Building; the Seal Kap building can be seen in the background between the trees.

Tree planting

Photograph of an unidentified female student holding up an earthworm and an evergreen tree seedling; she is kneeling in a field and other people are visible in the background.
In 2016 a researcher identified this student as possibly being Tricia Loewen - later Tricia Gerth.

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