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Two students smiling

Photograph of students Kathy Carter and Dan Splinter sitting next to each other at a table smiling as they look off to the left

TWC Hockey Tour

Photograph of the Trinity Western College hockey team, in front of a bus, on their Hockey Tour.

Student posing by a tree

Photograph of a male member of the Trinity Players posing in front of an evergreen; close-up on face.

Dorm life

Photograph of three male students moving into their dormitory.

Homecoming queen being crowned

Photograph of the new homecoming queen, Darlene Ball, kneeling while her escort fastens her robe, with out-going queen Linda Schramm looking on from the right

ACTS professor or administrator

Photograph of an unidentified ACTS (Associated Canadian Theological Schools) administrator or faculty member sitting on a sofa and speaking with a student

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