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  • 1962-2020 (Creation)
    Student Life

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Student Life provides oversight for a wide range of services and resources available to students at TWU. Departmental staff work to strengthen and develop areas such as student leadership, university accountability, and student community. Services and programs offered by Student Life include, but are not limited to Chapel, commuter programs, counselling services, health services, international students’ services, recreational services, residence services, the Orientation Program, and Student Ministries. This department also provides some degree of direction and support for the University's Student Association (TWUSA) and student publications, including the student paper and the Pillar Yearbook.

In 1975, a department known as Student Services was formally established. In 1996, the name of the department was changed to Student Life.

In Spring 2008, departments within this division were: Centre for Life Calling and Career Development (became the Student Success Centre): Community Life; Dean of Students Office (incorporating First Year Experience, Orientation Week, University 101, and Parent Relations); Student Ministries; and the Wellness Centre.

According to the University website as of June 2022, Student Life included: Community Life, Student Leadership, Student Ministries, Global Engagement, Campus Amenities, and the Wellness Centre.

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The fonds consists of records that document the activities and functions of the Student Life Department, including correspondence, minutes, reports, financial and personnel records.
Series within the fonds include the following:
Series 01: Career Centre (Acting Director, MaryEllen Kuehl, as of 2003; Lory Block Director 1994 - ?)
Series 02: Community Life (Director, Sheldon Loeppky, 1999-2010) [no records]
Series 03: First Year Experience (Director, Cathy Chapplow, ca 2001-2011)
Series 04: Student Ministries (Director, Rob Rhea, 2003)
Series 05: Wellness Centre (Director, Kurt Lundberg, 2003)
Series 06: General departmental records transferred to the Archives prior to 1998


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see also F 02 Box 56

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May 10, 2003<br/>October 25, 2012<br/>Thursday, October 25, 2012 3:16:22 PM by SylviaS<br/>Saturday, April 28, 2012 10:41:50 AM by SylviaS<br/>Wednesday, April 29, 2009 4:55:10 PM by sylvias<br/>Thursday, February 26, 2009 9:45:19 AM by Keharn.Yawnghwe<br/>Friday, December 05, 2008 11:21:24 AM by SylviaS<br/>Friday, October 03, 2008 2:32:47 PM by SylviaS<br/>Friday, December 22, 2006 12:22:15 PM by SylviaS<br/>Friday, July 28, 2006 11:48:30 AM by SylviaS<br/>Thursday, July 27, 2006 4:40:34 PM by SylviaS<br/>Wednesday, June 21, 2006 9:18:22 AM by SylviaS<br/>Friday, January 06, 2006 9:46:40 AM by SylviaS<br/>Saturday, December 10, 2005 11:03:10 AM by SylviaS<br/>Thursday, July 29, 2004 12:31:51 PM by SylviaS<br/>Thursday, July 29, 2004 10:21:16 AM by SylviaS<br/>Wednesday, July 28, 2004 12:07:37 PM by SylviaS<br/>Friday, February 06, 2004 2:11:59 PM by SylviaS<br/>Thursday, November 27, 2003 12:20:29 PM by SylviaS<br/>Thursday, November 27, 2003 12:10:50 PM by SylviaS<br/>Thursday, November 27, 2003 10:51:18 AM by SylviaS<br/>Tuesday, July 08, 2003 2:54:35 PM by sylvias<br/>Tuesday, May 13, 2003 3:19:52 PM by sylvias<br/>Saturday, May 10, 2003 4:39:39 PM by sylvias<br/>Saturday, May 10, 2003 3:49:08 PM by sylvias

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