Item RNT-ob-0079 - Silver Coin Spoons

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Silver Coin Spoons

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  • 1943-1951 (Creation)

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2 coin spoons : silver ; 0.5 x 2 x 8 cm

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보관 이력

There is no documentation on how Robert Thompson aquired these spoons. A former display stated they were "[s]ilver coin spoons... (Ethiopia.)", and the acquisition forms refer to them as "spice spoons."

범위와 내용

Object is two silver spoons. The bowl of each spoon is made from a 50 Matonas coin, which bears the likeness of Haile Selassie. A spiral handle is connected to the coin, and ends with a small loop.


물리적 상태

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Robert N. Thompson


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Preferred citation Trinity Western University Archives and Special Collections, Robert N. Thompson fonds, Objects and Artifacts Related to Robert N. Thompson sous-fond, RNT-ob-0079.


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Images of the artifact/object was taken by a Fuji X-A1 digital camera on a white background. Three images were created the Photoshop file (source file), the preservation copy (TIFF) and the access copy (Jpeg). The image was manipulated using Adobe Photoshop to brighten the background, crop the image, and insert the identification number.

Accompanying material

For records related to Robert Thompson's time in Ethiopia see: RNT-SF-3, Military Years/Ethiopia

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The spoons are relatively worn, bearing signs of oxidization and handling-based wear.

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March, 2023, FN

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