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Registrar’s Office

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According to the Trinity Junior College Act of 1969, the Registrar was to be appointed by the Board of Governors, upon the recommendation of the President (section 16). Dr. Enoch E. Mattson, the first Registrar, also served as the “Dean of Education,” and was one of the first administrative officers of the college elected at the general conference of the Evangelical Free Church of America in 1961. Responsibilities of the Registrar include, but are not limited to, implementing admissions requirements, maintaining student records, preparing course and examination schedules, compiling enrolment data, and participating in graduation ceremonies at the University. Originally the Registrar was also the chief admitting officer; in this capacity, he was responsible for the preparation of the academic calendar and of promotional materials. In 1984 Admissions became a separate department responsible to the President. The Registrar was responsible to the Vice President of Enrolment Management and Marketing.

Those who have served in this position include:
Enoch E. Mattson (1962-1976)
James Geddes (1976-1978)
Connie Heinrich (Acting Registrar, 1978)
Marijke Olson (nee Leenders, 1978-1982)
Orville Lyttle (1982-1997)
Lawrence Van Beek (1997 - 2006) [Larry VanBeek]
Wendell Phillips (Acting Registrar, 2006 - 2007)
Grant McMillan (2007 - )

In August, 2006, the reporting structure of the department was changed, such that the Registrar - as well as the enrolment services area - reported to the Academic Vice President (later known as the Provost); at the same time, the position of Vice President for Enrolment Management was closed.


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