Pacific Theatre

식별 영역

존재의 형태(조직/기관, 개인, 가족)

Corporate body

승인된 이름 형식

Pacific Theatre

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다른 규칙에 따른 표목의 표준형태

다른 이름 형식

조직/기관 식별자

기술 영역

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조직사, 개인/가족이력

Pacific Theatre was established in 1984 by a group of actors who wanted to establish a non-propagandist professional theatre where they would be free to explore work having particular meaning to them as Christians. On October 14, 1994, the theatre company moved into a purpose-built 128-seat alley-style theatre in the historic Chalmers Heritage Building.

Pacific Theatre has collaborated with a variety of artists and other companies in Vancouver, including guest productions, co-productions, and presentations in its seasons as collaborators. Companies Pacific Theatre has worked with or mentored include Glass City Theatre, One2Theatre, Midnight Theatre Collective, Touchstone Theatre, Pound of Flesh Theatre, Ruby Slippers, Dark Glass Theatre, Cave Canem Productions, Ensemble Theatre and Reid Farrington (New York).


Vancouver, BC

조직/기관의 법적 지위

기능, 직업, 활동

권한/권한의 근거

Pacific Theatre aspires to delight, provoke and stimulate dialogue by producing theatre that rigorously explores the spiritual aspects of human experience. In addition, the theatre company is committed to nurturing emerging artists. Pacific Theatre strives to feel like home for everyone who is involved, whether as an actor, a technician, a volunteer or an audience member.

내부 조직/가계

Artistic Director:
-Ron Reed (1985-2020)
-Kaitlin Williams (2020-present)

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