Pièce Aud. 283 - Oral History: Bob Thompson interviewed by Peter Stursberg, C 2875, 2876, 2877 cassette 9 - September 28

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Oral History: Bob Thompson interviewed by Peter Stursberg, C 2875, 2876, 2877 cassette 9 - September 28

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CA TWU Coll. 02-01-Aud. 283

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  • 1981 (Production)

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  • 1 audio cassette
  • 2 sound recordings (mp3)
  • audio 283a 20.5 MB (30 minutes)
  • audio 283b 20.5 MB (30 minutes)

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Digitized sound file not attached, due to copyright restrictions
As part of a joint Oral History project of the Public Archives of Canada and the Parliamentary Library, journalist, writer, and broadcaster Peter Stursberg interviewed former Social Credit leader Robert Thompson in September, 1981.
Title: "Robert N. Thompson - His Memoirs in an interview with Peter Stursberg in Dr. Thompson's office in the Robert N. Thompson Building in Trinity Western College, Langley, British Columbia, September 28, 1981. (This is part of an oral history for the Parliamentary Library and the Public Archives)"
Audio 283a consists of the following recording:
This portion of the interview picks up where Aud 282 left off, with a discussion regarding the Nationial Convention of the Social Credit Party in 1960, and Thompson's decision to run for leadership. They discuss the issue of bilingualism, the caucus, and Diefenbaker.
Audio 283b consists of the following recording:
Thompson continues to reminisce about his political career. He is asked about the "affair of the six Social Crediters," the defeat of the Diefenbaker government, and the demise of the Social Credit Party.

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  • Rev. Rick Penner
  • SFU (Simon Fraser University) Archives


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B 4 S 1 Box 11

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  • See Robert N. Thompson fonds, 02.20, Box 24 Files 20-22, for transcripts
  • Aud 275 to Aud 285 form a set

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Part of a set of 11 tapes (Aud 275 to Aud 285), with 2 copies of each: Sony tapes donated by Rev. Rick Penner, EFCC (Evangelical Free Church of Canada), 1993; Ampex tapes transferred from SFU Archives, ca. 1994 (Peter Stursberg Collection, MG 6 / 2 No. 38 / 1, 38 / 2, 38 / 3)

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Digitization Note: All files recorded from a Califone 2455AV, captured by ScenalyzerLive 4.0 and edited with Audacity 1.2.6. Recorded at 44.1kHz @ 16-bit resolution via Canopus ADVC110, in .wav format by Aaron Martens, TWU AV Asst, between May 2007 and June 2009.

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AV Assistant's digitization notes: Aud 283a: 1 minute trailing silence cut; Aud 238b: 1 minute leading silence cut

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Student Assistant's note: Converted from .wav to .mp3 and/or amplified using Dexster v3.2 Copyright Softdiv Software Sdn Bhd; attributes MP3 CBR; 48kHz 320 Kbps; Channel: stereo - between September 2010 and April 2011

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While these audio cassettes are filed with the A/V collection, they belong to the RNT fonds.

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In June 2012 librarian DD resized all audio files using the program Amadeus Pro; he ran a batch conversion of the files, changing them from MP3 files at a bit rate of 320kbps to MP3 files at a bit rate of 96kbps at 24kHz

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