File 01 13 - Nursing Advisory Committee documentation

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Nursing Advisory Committee documentation

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The nursing program was originally a part of the Division of Natural Sciences (now Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences (FNAS)) as a pre-professional study beginning in 1988-89 offering courses for students to complete a first-year nursing requirement. In September 1993, TWU Nursing program was established as a four-year baccalaureate in Nursing (BScN), within a Christian, liberal arts, context. In 1994-95, the nursing was established as department within FNAS. The program was approved by the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia. In 2009, the nursing program became its own school with Landa Terblanche as Dean.

In August 2009, TWU launched its Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program – the first Canadian faith-based graduate nursing program, and one of just a few predominantly online graduate nursing programs. The vision of TWU's Master of Science in Nursing program is to foster values-based nursing, educational vitality, excellence in scholarship in practice, and transformation through Christian graduate nursing education. A strong disciplinary nursing core together with electives allows students to personalize their studies for their unique career path, whether as educators, leaders, or advanced practice nurses.

In September 2022, TWU launched its Doctoral in Nursing program designed for nurses who are in or who want to be in academic positions and those who work in or desire to work in health care organizations. The program aims to actively engage a community of nurse scholars who deepen their own nursing knowledge, contribute to new nursing knowledge, and lead in academic and health-care contexts.

Early History of the Program (Source: F 21.04, Box 1, File 2)

  • 1987: Request from the Registered Nursing Association of BC for TWU to develop a four-year Baccalaureate program in nursing.
  • 1988/89: Feasibility study completed at TWU.
  • 1989 (March): Minister of Advanced Education and Job Training announced intention to provide development funds for 300 additional baccalaureate nursing training positions.
  • 1990 (January): TWU’s Board of Governors approves implementation of program subject to financing.
  • 1990 (June): Endorsement in principle for TWU’s proposal received from three local hospitals (Langley, Surrey, MSA); and, proposal for funding the capital cost of the proposed program presented to the BC Government (Ministry of Health and Ministry of Advanced Education).
  • 1991 (March): Ministry of Health provided $750,000 for capital start-up costs.
  • 1991 (September): Three hospitals agree to become teaching hospitals for TWU (Langley, Surrey, MSA).
  • 1991 (October): Ministry of Health, Hospital Care Division, encourages development of a comprehensive community nursing training program; and, the RNABC approves in principle TWU’s proposed program.
  • 1993 (May): Dr. Julia Emblen was appointed the first Director of Nursing.
  • 1993 (September): Projected start-up date for first nursing class.
  • 1995 (September): Nursing students enter clinical training at hospitals and community health units.

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The file consists of agendas, minutes, reports, proposals, and correspondence from Trinity's Nursing Advisory Committee.


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Raechel Healey-Chamberlain, School of Nursing


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July 2020, tk

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