Fondo Wicks - Lyle Wicks fonds

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Lyle Wicks fonds

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CA TWU Wicks

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  • 1929-1931; 1942-1983; 1994; 2002 (Creación)
    Wicks, Lyle

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1.03 m of textual records

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(1912 - 2004)

Historia biográfica

Born in Calgary, Alberta on November 1, 1912, Lyle Wicks graduated
from McLean High School in Haney, British Columbia, in 1930. Mr. Wicks was one of the first employees of the BC Plywoods Company (now defunct), and in 1940 he joined the BC Electric Railway Co., where he worked as a conductor within the Vancouver transit system. He joined the Social Credit movement in 1943 and became actively involved in its organisational efforts. From 1946 to 1948, Mr. Wicks was elected Vice-President of the Social Credit Association of Canada, British Columbia Section. He also took on the position of Chairman of the Vancouver and District Social Credit Council in 1948. In 1949 Mr. Wicks became the founding President of the British Columbia Social Credit League. He was re-elected to this position until the time of his resignation in October of 1952. In June of that year Mr. Wicks was elected as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of BC for the constituency of Dewdney; in August he was appointed Minister of Labour.
The first session of the Social Credit Party took place in 1953, under the leadership of W.A.C. Bennett. In September of 1956 Mr. Wicks was appointed Minister of Railways, a portfolio he held until March of 1959, at which time he was appointed Minister of Commercial Transport. He also served as the acting Minister of Agriculture for several months in 1959. During his political career, he played an active role in the establishment of the Albion Ferry on the Fraser River, the development of Allouette Park, the establishment of the Maple Ridge and Mission Hospitals, the completion of the north shore highway connecting Agassiz to Hope, and in the construction of the Agassiz-Rosedale Bridge. He was made an Honorary Chief of the Kwakuitl Indian Nation in Harrison Hot Springs, BC in 1958. Mr. Wicks faced defeat in the 1960 general election. From 1961 to 1973 he served as a member of the Board of the Public Utilities Commission, which was abolished in 1973.

Historial de custodia

Lyle Wicks donated two boxes of textual records and approximately fifty photographs to the TWU Archives in May of 1999; in July of 2003 there was a further accrual of one box containing miscellaneous papers, photographs, and pamphlets

Alcance y contenido

The fonds consists of professional documents relating to Lyle Wicks' political career and includes correspondence, reports, minutes, news releases, news clippings, campaign materials, government documents, and photographs.
These materials are sorted into two series:
Series 01: Social Credit Materials
Series 02: British Columbia Utilities Commission
The fonds also includes a collection of reports on the Workmen's Compensation Board and Act (1942; 1950; 1952; 1958; 1966)
In 2005/2006 two additional series were created:
Series 03: Reports of the Workmen's Compensation Board
Series 04: Photographs

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Lyle Wicks


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Predominant dates: 1943 - 1961 for Social Credit materials; 1967 to 1972 for the Public Utilities Commission

Nota general

The 1929-1931 and 2002 materials are photographs, filed in Series 4

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Includes: 65 cm of textual records and 15 photographs

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Actual physical extent of textual records inside boxes is 1.01 m

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