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Art Collection

  • CA TWU Coll. 14
  • Sammlung
  • 1989, 1997, 2000

The collections consists of framed and unframed artwork in various mediums depicting TWU buildings.

Legal Challenge Collection

  • CA TWU Coll. 05
  • Sammlung
  • 1996-2002

In 1985, the four-year teacher education degree program was launched at Trinity Western University (TWU); graduates from TWU's program had to attend Simon Fraser University for their fifth and final year. TWU applied to the British Columbia College of Teachers (BCCT) to offer the required certification year in its own right in January of 1995. In June, 1996, the BCCT ignored the recommendation of its own committee and rejected TWU's application, citing the TWU community standards, which require students to refrain from extramarital sex, including homosexual behavior. The BCCT argued that students graduating from TWU's teacher education program would introduce an unwelcome bias to the public school classroom. TWU challenged the BCCT's decision by filing suit in the Supreme Court of British Columbia in May 1997. On September 12th of that year, the Court ordered that the BCCT approve TWU's teacher education program, stating that there was no evidence of intolerance amongst TWU-trained teachers. The BCCT appealed the decision, but on December 30th, 1998, the British Columbia Court of Appeal upheld the earlier decision. The BCCT appealed this ruling to the Supreme Court of Canada, which agreed on December 9th, 1999, to hear the case. In November of 2000, both sides presented their arguments before the Court, and on May 17th, 2001, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled in favour of Trinity Western University.

This Collection consists of records created or acquired by TWU administrators, faculty and staff, documenting the court case between the BCCT and TWU pertaining to the University's teacher education program. Types of records included in the collection include minutes of meetings, correspondence, news releases and newspaper clippings, reports, and copies of official court documents.
Series within the collection include:
Neil Snider (01)
Guy Saffold (02)
Glen Forrester (03)
Joy McCullough (04)
Media and Publications Department (05)
Court Documents (06)
Newspaper Clippings (07)
Development Department (08)
Harro Van Brummelen (09)

Robert N. Thompson fonds

  • Bestand
  • 1914, 1916, 1920-1925, 1930-1999

The fonds consists of correspondence, speeches, articles, notes, minutes, photographs, scrapbooks and other records relating to Thompson's personal life, his involvement with various organizations, his military career and work in Ethiopia, his political career as a Member of Parliament (MP) and national leader of the Social Credit Party of Canada, and his work as an educator.
The fonds are arranged into the following sous-fonds:
-SF 1: Personal History/Biography
-SF 2: Organizations – General, A to Z
-SF 3: Military Years/Ethiopia
-SF 4: Political Years
-SF 5: Post-Secondary Institutions
-SF 6: Object and Artifacts Related to Robert N. Thompson
-SF 7: RNT Photograph Collection
Note that in addition to these records, the RNT Fonds is also comprised of the following:

  • Audio and video cassettes, filed in the database with Coll. 02, the A/V collection; also physically filed with other A/V materials
  • Scrapbooks containing news clippings and personal memorabilia sorted in chronological order (from 1960 to 1996)
  • Scrapbooks containing political cartoons clipped from newspapers, sorted in chronological order (1963-1996)
  • Unprocessed reel to reel (approximately 41) and audio tapes (approximately 55) mostly pertaining to Thompson’s political career
    • Thompson also donated published Social Credit materials, including 187 booklets/pamphlets, as well as a selection of books (84) from his personal library on the following broad topics: early education textbooks, teaching educational texts, air force, Ethiopia, Amharic language, local history, and a family bible that has no annotations.

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RYLA Rotary International Lapel Pin

Object is a Rotary Youth Leadership Awards lapel pin. The pin features the organization's logo of a gold gear with the name written in gold on blue enamel situated on white enamel background. Above the logo in gold capitualized letters reads "R.Y.L.A." in the tabique areaTeastener is a gold butterfly clutch.

Rotary International Lapel Pin

Object is an International Rotary lapel pin. The pin features the organization's logo of a gold gear with the name written in gold on blue enamel in the tabique area. Fastener is a gold butterfly clutch.

Air Cadets Canada Pin

Object is a Air Cadets of Canada lapel pin, one piece stample gold eagle with its wings spread out surmounted by a maple leaf; light blue enamel band below the eagle with gold letter capitualized text "AIR CADETS CANADA". The fastener is a screw back.

Social Credit Pins

Objects are two Social Credit Party of Canada pins.

  • RNT-ob-0150a, pin includes a 0.8 cm in diametre circle with the Social Credit logo in enamel situated on top of a gold plated maple leaf. The logo is a green plus sign within a circle outlined in green. The background is white. The logo's edge are outlined in gold. The pin is missing the screw back.
  • RNT-ob-0150b, circular screw back pin of the Social Credit logo in enamel. he logo is a green plus sign within a circle outlined in green. The background is white. The logo's edge are outlined in gold.

Patent of Registration of the Arms of Robert Norman Thompson

Object is a framed patent of registration of the arms of Robert Norman Thompson in a goldish brown wooden diploma style frame. The patent is written in both english and french and features the Robert Norman Thompson coat of arms in colour in the centre with text on either side. At the bottom centre is the seal of The Heraldic Authority Canada and signed in black by Robert D. Watt. The meaning of the coat of arms is described in the text.

Text reads:

Objects and Artifacts Related to Robert N. Thompson

Sous-fonds consists of various artifacts and objects that showcase Robert Thompson's personal, military social, educational, and political life. The collection includes textiles such as military caps and badges and a family kilt, jewelry, medals and pins, baskets, metal, stone and wood statues and figurines, swords and daggers, and organic objects such as a peacock fan and a fly swish made of horsehair. In addition, there are plaques awarded and given in recognition for Thompson's involvement in numerous organizations.

Handmade Ethiopia Flag

Object is a hand sewn flag of Ethiopia with colour bands of green, yellow and red. Each band of colour measure approximately 6.5 inches in height.

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