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Dead Sea Scrolls Institute (DSSI) event posters.

File consists of promotional posters for Dead Sea Scrolls Institute (DSSI) speaker events. Past speakers include: Dr. Marcus Tso (February 12, 2019), "A Brief Introduction to the Dead Sea Scrolls"; Ville Mäkipelto, Dr. Theol (November 14, 2018), "Rewriting Conquest Traditions in Late Second Temple Judaism"; Dr. Daniel Falk (November 14, 2017), "Why Repent? The Scriptural Motivation for Penitential Prayer in the Dead Sea Scroll"; Dr. Daniel Machiela (October 17, 2017), "Charity as a Theme in Some Aramaic Dead Sea Scrolls" and Dr. Matthew Thiessen (October 17, 2017), "A Leper in the Hands of an Angry Jesus"; and Dr. Peter Flint, with TWU graduate alumni Dr. Kipp Davis, Dr. Andrew Perrin, Dr. Marvin Miller, and Dr. Dongshin Chan (February 23, 2016) "Re-imaging the Scriptural Past in the Dead Sea Scrolls".

Dead Sea Scrolls Symposium

Photograph of speakers and delegates at the DSS Symposium. Those pictured include Dorothy Peters, Marty Abegg, Emanuel Tov, Peter Flint, and Andrew Perrin. (unidentified)

Full Professors Inaugural Lecture invitations and programs.

File consists of inaugural lecture invitations and programs for full professors and Canada Research Chairs, including: Dr. Peter Flint "The Significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls for Canada and Modern Society"; Dr. Jens Zimmermann "Faithful Interpretations of Humanity: Religion, Culture, and Ethics After Christianity"; Dr. Eve Stringham "Of Worms and Men: What Model Organisms Tell Us about Human Disease"; Dr. David Squires "Out of the Closet as a Composer: or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Beauty"; Dr. Robynne Rogers Healy "Tales of an Incidental Quaker Historian: A Friendly Journey Through the Past"; and Dr. Andrew Perrin "Mapping the Uncharted World of the Aramaic Dead Sea Scrolls: The Canonical, Conceptual, and Cultural Impact of Understudied Ancient Texts".

Faculty House Faculty

Photograph of seven faculty members from the Religious Studies and Music Departments, all of whom had offices located in Faculty House, sitting and standing on the stairs of that building

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