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The Salt Company Statement of Purpose.

File consists of draft three statement of purpose for the Salt Company, a church ministries project of Pacific Theatre that sought to develop relationships with a variety of communities.

The Wave newsletter.

File includes one "The Wave" newsletter of the First Pacific Theatre Society, Number 15, Fall 1990. The caricatures were drawn by Lucia Frangione.

Website redesign documentation.

File consists of a coloured print out of three screen captures from the Pacific Theatre website, Frequently Asked Questions, Guest Services, and Now Playing. Also, two CD-R discs containing website material one backup from 6 May 2006 and website backup and working files.

Sample Pacific Theatre stationary.

File consists of a sample Pacific Theatre branded folder. Cover has the Pacific Theatre log centred in a red inverted triangle with a split gray and black background with a purple wave on the bottom.

Logo design.

File consists of a proto-type and finalized versions of the former Pacific Theatre logo. Logo was a wave with drama faces floating in the air.

Prince Selassie Medallion

Object is a gold-coloured medallion set in wood between two pieces of plastic/plexiglass. The medallion displays a crest and a bust along with Ethiopian lettering. The card inside reads "Presented to R.N. Thompson by Prince Makonnen Hailie Slassie Duke of Harrar June 1951".

EEFC Appreciation of Service Plaque

Object is a wood board with a gold coloured plastic plaque reading "50th Anniversary, Robert and Hazel Thompson, May 4th, 1989 - Our Heartiest Congratulations and our deepest appreciation for your involvement in the E.F.C.C - Your friends of the Lower Pacific District", from the Evangelical Free Church of Canada. Made by the Trophy Centre in B.C.

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