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Music: Aleithia (Truth) Trinity Western College

Audio 205a consists of the following recording:Title: TWU music ensemble – “Alethia (Truth)”This recording contains several contemporary Christian songs performed by a music ensemble. The five women, Trinity students, are accompanied by a piano. ...

President's Reception in Cambridge - February 23

Audio 241a consists of the following recording:Title: Many Speakers – “Cambridge - President's Reception Feb 23, 1996”Kenton [possibly Kenton Pauls, Admissions Counsellor] speaks initially, explaining the purpose of the evening and the benefi...

Evangelism Week: President Neil Snider / Gerhard DuToit

Audio 45b consists of the following recording:Title: President Neil Snider – “Glorify God” and "The Mission of TWU" / Gerhard DuToit – (Faith Missions) "The Word of God"There is some singing at the beginning of the recording. A...

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