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Office of the President Fonds
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President's Picnic en Blanc.

File consists of President's Picnic en Blanc promotional material including invitations, destination map, and croquet and bocce ball instructions.

The Power of the Personal Pronoun commencement speech by Robert Kuhn.

File consists of a commencement speech prepared and given by TWU President Robert (Bob) Kuhn. The speech addresses that the diagnosis of Parkinson's disease lead Bob to learn the difference between illness and wellness that lead to understanding the importance of community through personal pronouns.

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The New Era speech.

File consists of a speech entitled "The New Era" that was delivered by President Bob Kuhn at the Christmas in the City fundraiser.

The President's Dinner.

File consists of invitations, menus and coloured photocopy of table setting images, and a print out thank you received through email.

University Annual Reports.

File consists of University annual reports that include a message from the President, at a glance year timeline highlighting importance events, campus and program updates, grant funding opportunities for research and scholarship, and scholarship and donation updates.

Minutes of Meetings of the University Policy Council

File consists of records including ERMS [Enrollment and Revenue Management System] Planning Session for Fall 2009 Entering Class by Kurtis Kindschi; The TWU 2009 Annual Plan; Report from the President's Marketing Task Force.

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