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Office of the Provost Fonds File Van Brummelen, Harro
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British Columbia Court of Appeal (November 1997 - April 1998)

File consists of:
Notice of Motion;
Affidavit in Reply;
Appellant's Motion Book on Motion Stay;
Affidavit of Douglas Smart (Registrar, British Columbia College of Teachers);
Draft of Affidavit of Harro Van Brummelen (Dean of Undergraduate Studies, TWU)[with annotation by Joy McCullough];
Factum of the Appellant (TWU and Donna G. Lindquist);
Factum of the Respondents (British Columbia College of Teachers);
Factum of the Catholic Civil Rights League [with annotation by Guy Saffold];
Factum of the Intervener (British Columbia Civil Liberties Association) [with annotation by Guy Saffold];
decision of the Supreme Court of Canada in Vriend v. Alberta;
various pieces of correspondence from Baker Newby (law firm).

Correspondence (September 1997 - December 2000)

File consists of records including notes from proceedings of BC Court of Appeal taken by Guy Saffold (Executive Vice President, TWU); correspondence both to and from Guy Saffold, Harro Van Brummelen (Dean of Undergraduate Studies, TWU).

McCullough, Joy

Eve Stringham; Bill Strom; Rick Sutcliffe; Harro Van Brummelen; Lachlan Whatley; Phillip Wiebe

File consists of the following publications:

Eve G. Stringham. “Live Cell Imagining of the Cytoskeleton.” 2012. [book chapter]
Eve G. Stringham. “Distinct Cell Guidance Pathways Controlled by the Rac and Rho GEF Domains of UNC-73/TRIO in Caenorhabditis elegans,” Genetics. January 2012. [article]
Bill Strom. “Contractualism, Commitalism, and Covenantalism: Worldviews of Human Relating,” Communication Studies. 2011. [article]
Rick Sutcliffe. “Technology News and Views Since 1983 (12 articles),” (2011). [articles]
Harro Van Brummelen. “‘Have They Learned to Swim Around in the Big Puddle?’: Cultural Awareness and Engagement of Christian High School Students,” Journal of School Choice. 2012. [article]
Harro Van Brummelen. “What John Calvin and Osama Bin Laden Had in Common,” The Banner. September 2011. [article]
Harro Van Brummelen. “Do Christian Schools Make a Difference?” Christian Courier. ca. 2011. [article]
Lachlan Whatley. “What is the Role of Perceived Leadership Capacity in Presidential Politics?” Journal of Leadership Studies. 2011. [article]
Lachlan Whatley. “A New Model for Family Owned Business Succession,” Organization Development Journal. 2011. [article]
Phillip H. Wiebe. “Deliverance and Exorcism in Philosophical Perspective.” 2011. [book chapter]

Internal Correspondence (June 1996 - April 1998)

File consists of records including minutes from two meetings of the BCCT Response Strategy Management Team (February 19 and May 12, 1997); various memos sent by Guy Saffold (Executive Vice President, TWU), Harro Van Brummelen (Dean of Undergraduate Studies, TWU), and other administrators.

Snider, Neil

Rick Sawatzky; Tracy Stobbe; Harro Van Brummelen; Lachlan Whatley; Michael Wilkinson

File consists of the following publications:

Rick Sawatzky. “Self-reported physical and mental health status and quality of life in adolescents: a latent variable meditation model,” Health and Quality of Life Outcomes. 2010. [article]
Rick Sawatzky. “An Investigation of the Relationship Between Spirituality, Health Status and Quality of Life in Adolescents,” Applied Research Quality Life. 2009. [article]
Richard Sawatzky. “Health status, preventive behaviour and risk factors among female nurses,” Health Reports. September 2009. [article]
Richard Sawatzky. “Innovation in Community Clinical Placements: A Canadian Survey,” International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship. 2009. [article]
Rick Sawatzky. “Particularizing spirituality in points of tension: enriching the discourse,” Nursing Inquiry 2009. [article]
Tracy Stobbe. “Local Government Policy Options to Protect Agricultural Land and Improve the Viability of Farming in Metro Vancouver.” April 2010. [report]
Tracy Stobbe. “The Socio-Economic Impacts of Propane Cannons on Residents in the Fraser Valley.” January 2010. [survey]
Harro Van Brummelen. “Education, Globalization, and Discipleship.” 2009. [book chapter]
Harro Van Brummelen. “Of Curriculum Conceptions, Orientations, and Cultures: A Rejoinder to John E. Hull,” International Journal of Christianity & Education. September 2009. [article]
Lachlan R. Whatley. “Integrating the Tenets of Epistemology, through the use of Contemporary Film, to Aid in the Development of an Individual’s Metacognitive Processes.” October 2009. [conference paper]
Michael Wilkinson. Winds From the North. 2010. [book]

Rick Sutcliffe; Darren Provost; Paul Rowe; Harro Van Brummelen

File consists of the following publications:

Rick Sutcliffe. “Technology News and Views Since 1983 (12 articles),” (2012-2013). [articles]
Darren M. Provost. “Reconsidering Christian humanism and the early Reformation.” May 2012. [conference paper]
Darren M. Provost. “Principalities, Powers, and philosophia Christi: Erasmus on translation and education as spiritual warfare,” Pacific Northwest Renaissance Society. October 2012. [article]
Darren M. Provost. “Erasmus, Christian Humanism and spiritual warfare.” [lecture]
Paul S. Rowe. “Can we Co-exist? Religion, Civil Society, and Global Order.” 2012. [book chapter]
Paul S. Rowe. “Christian-Muslim Relations in Egypt in the Wake of the Arab Spring.” February 2013. [conference paper]
Paul S. Rowe. “God and American Foreign Relations: Guarding the ‘Little Platoons’,” Comment Magazine. Fall 2012. [article]
Paul S. Rowe. “The Zabbaleen in Film,” Review of Middle East Studies. 2012. [film review]
Harro Van Brummelen. Metaphors We Teach By. 2012. [book]