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Dr. Jonathan Lewis

Photograph of Jonathan Lewis, Director of the ACTS Inter-Cultural Ministry (AIM) Studies at Trinity Western Seminary (TWS); he is holding two books he has written.

Al Willms

Photograph of Al Willms, Director of Financial Awards, standing outside and smiling at the camera; a close-up

Composite shot of administrators

Photograph of a composite shot of administrators Herb Styles, Don Cheva, Garry Jesperson and Neil Allert, all are members of the Board of Governors

Construction site of the library

Photograph of administrator Bert Friesen and another man checking the forms at the construction site of the new Norma Marion Alloway Library

Paul Wong

Photograph of Dr. Paul Wong, Director and Professor of the Graduate Counselling Program, smiling at the camera; a close-up

Fall convocation

Photograph of Don Page shaking Keith Price's hand with R. Neil Snider clapping beside them.

Marvin Kehler

Photograph of a close-up portrait shot of administrator Marvin Kehler, member of the Board of Governors

Fosmark Centre Grand Opening, July 1993

Photograph of four men posing next to framed pictures of Lee and Cark Fosmark, the former EFCC pastors, during the opening ceremony for the Fosmark Centre. The man on the left is unidentified.

Signing agreement of affiliation between TWU and ACTS

Photograph of Gerry Kraft of the Board of Governors signing the agreement of affiliation between TWU and ACTS at a table in the Robert N. Thompson Building; R. Neil Snider at the left and Doug Harris is on the right.

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