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Fall convocation

Photograph of Ken Davis and Don Page in the recessional for convocation.

Fall convocation

Photograph of Don Page speaking from the podium at convocation.

Don Page

Photograph of Dr. Don Page, Director of the Graduate Program in Leadership, holding a Bible in his hands and smiling at the camera; a formal portrait

Rebecca Larsen's farewell party

Photograph of Rebecca Larsen (Admissions department), Harvey Ouellette (Finance) and Don Page (Academic Vice President) talking together during Larsen's farewell party

Don Page

Photograph of Dr. Don Page sitting at his desk

Wilson, Sandi

Don Page teaching a class

Photograph of Dr. Don Page teaching a class - likely a MAL (Master's in Administrative Leadership) class in a small classroom. Seated amongst the nine students pictured are Candy O'Connor and Darcy Kehler.


Photograph of Don Page and Neil Snider dressed in full regalia with a male graduating student wearing a suit - possibly the valedictorian

Cramer, Elaine

Seminary administrators

Photograph of Trinity Western Seminary administrators. From left to right, they are: Don Page, R. Neil Snider, Ron Swanson, and Austin Stouffer.

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