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Founders' Week

Photograph of Ken Lawrence holding the microphone for Dr. Enoch Mattson, the first Registrar, during Founders' Week

Founders' Week

Photograph of Rollin Walton holding the microphone for Benno Friesen, a founding member of the faculty and former Student Dean, during Founders' Week

Founders' Week

Photograph of Dwight Johnson leading a crowd in the gymnasium in singing during Founders' Week

Guy Saffold at ICL Seminar

Photograph of Guy Saffold standing behind a podium in the Copper Room while adressing participants of the ICL Seminar

Presenter at ICL Seminar

Photograph of all 6 presenters, five of them seated at a table behind and to the left of the podium where the 6th is standing; including Marvin Kehler, Neil Snider, and Guy Saffold

Don Page speaking at a reception

Photograph of Don Page from the side as he stands behind a podium while speaking at a Wilfred Laurier University Reception for Educators

Arvid Olson speaking in the chapel

Photograph of administrator Arvid Olson standing on the platform in the chapel while speaking during the Staley Lectures, easel with white paper and writing on it is behind him

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