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Guest speaker

Photograph of Dr. Vernon Gruun speaking from behind a podium

Terry Winter

Photograph of Terry Winter, Canadian televangelist, speaking with a microphone in one hand, and a Bible in the other; the event is unidentified.

O.J. Brigance of the BC Lions

Photograph of O.J. Brigance of the BC Lions standing at a podium in the gymnasium during the Fall Celebration in October 1993.

Nel Noddings speaking to an Education class

Photograph of Dr Nel Noddings, Lee L. Jacks Professor of Education, Emerita, at Stanford University, speaking to a group of students in TWU's School of Education - which celebrated its 10th anniversary on November 17, 2011 [archival records i...

Presenters seated at a table

Photograph of Ivan Pettigrew, an Aviation Instructor; Gene Parkins, a member of the Missionary Aviation Fellowship of Canada; Vera Dowling, a speaker; and Rosella Pettigrew seated together at the Aviation Graduation Banquet and Awards Ceremony.

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