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Photograph of a female graduating student dressed in full regalia and surrounded by her family

ACTS graduation speaker

Photograph of graduation speaker Leland Eliason, Dean of Bethel Theological Seminary, standing at a podium and speaking. Larry Perkins is visible to his left, seated behind him.

ACTS graduation

Photograph of administrators and guests standing on stage during the ACTS (Associated Canadian Theological Schools) graduation service, and singing. Don Page and Barrie Palfreyman are visible in the background, at the left of the photograph


Photograph of three female students dressed in full regalia while standing outside, near a building; one of the students is holding up her new degree


Photograph of a male student wearing a jacket with a TWU crest, picking up his graduation regalia in the Fraser Lounge


Photograph of former presiden Calvin Hanson standing behind the podium on the stage in the guymnasium while addressing the audience


Photograph of Neil Snider presenting a graduation student with her degree

Graduation ceremony

Photograph of Dr. Downey and Dr. Saffold presenting two female Asian students with diplomas or degrees; they are posing together in Alumni Hall, Reimer Student Centre


Photograph of graduating students dressed in full regalia while singing in the chapel

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