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Photograph of Neil Snider presenting a student with her degree, while David Twiest stands to the right, at the podium


Photograph of Don Page and Neil Snider dressed in full regalia with a male graduating student wearing a suit - possibly the valedictorian

Cramer, Elaine

Graduating class of nursing students

Photograph of 1998 graduates from Trinity's School of Nursing; they are posing together in the atrium, with Julia Emblen at the centre of their group

Graduation ceremony

Photograph of Dr. Downey and Dr. Saffold presenting two female Asian students with diplomas or degrees; they are posing together in Alumni Hall, Reimer Student Centre


Photograph of Alan Kotanen making a presentation to a female student during a graduation ceremony


Photograph of Arvid Olson dressed in regalia while shaking hands with a graduating student, with two male administrators standing to the left

ACTS Graduation

Photograph of an unidentified female student receiving her hood from Don Page

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