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Calvin Hanson presenting a degree

Photograph of President Calvin Hanson presenting a female student with a degree/certificate, with Enoch Mattson looking on in the background

Building Plans

Photograph of R. Neil Snider, Craig Seaton, Doug Sneath, and possibly Arvid Olson reviewing a scale model of the Trinity Western Campus.


Photograph of Neil Snider standing behind the podium during a graduation ceremony

Institute for Executive Leadership

Photograph of Mel Smith standing behind a podium while speaking at the Sheraton-Villa Inn for the Institute for Executive Leadership, with Neil Snider standing to his left.

Fall convocation

Photograph of R. Neil Snider and Don Page at the podium at convocation.

Dr. Neil Snider

Photograph of a shot of president Neil Snider standing with his hands leaning on a piece of wood, taken by a professional photographer in a studio, he is looking off slightly to the right

Del Monte


Photograph of Neil Snider holding a microphone with Delbert Reimer and John Bjorkstam standing to the right holding a diploma while standing on stage

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