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Calvin Hanson presenting a degree

Photograph of President Calvin Hanson presenting a female student with a degree/certificate, with Enoch Mattson looking on in the background

Men's soccer game

Photograph of a men's soccer game with a Trinity Western student running after the ball in the foreground

Women's basketball game in the gymnasium

Photograph of a women's baskeball game in the gymnasium against a Fraser Valley Team; player Trudi Van Noort at left, dribbling the ball past an opposing player.


Photograph of a male graduating student dressed in full regalia while waiting in Fraser Hall lounge.

Awards ceremony

Photograph of Anne Dijk presenting an award to student Lawrence Schmidt.

ACTS Student

Photograph of a female, Asian, ACTS (Associated Canadian Theological Schools) student sitting on a sofa, smiling at the camera

Mark Hambleton

Photograph of Mark Hambleton sitting with two other students in the cafeteria

Wilson, Sandi

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