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Photograph Collection Unidad documental simple
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Ways and Means Committee

Photograph of the Ways and Means Committee, including advisor David Twiest, the Director of Libraries, standing in the back row on the right

Awards Ceremony

Photograph of Dr. R. Neil Snider presenting an award to Loyal Makaroff with other students looking on.

Student singing during a retirement party

Photograph of Steve Larsen, supported by Guy Saffold and another man, standing next to a female student who is singing on stage during Steve's retirement party


Photograph of Neil Snider presenting a student with her degree, while David Twiest stands to the right, at the podium

Freshman Dessert Evening

Photograph of Ron Kuehl and Gord Down serving as a waiters at the Freshman Dessert in the Garden event, which is taking place in September, 1991, on the lawn in front of Douglas Hall.


Photograph of Don Page and Neil Snider dressed in full regalia with a male graduating student wearing a suit - possibly the valedictorian

Cramer, Elaine

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