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Sonya Grypma; Grant Havers; Carolyn Kristjansson; Joel Lohr; Murray MacTavish

File consists of the following publications:
Sonya Grypma. "Withdrawal from Weihui: China missions and the silencing of missionary nursing, 1888-1947," Nursing Inquiry. 2007. [article]
Sonya Grypma. "Publish or Perish Revisited: Confessions of a new academic," Nurse Author and Editor. 2007. [article]
Grant Havers. "Was Spinoza a Liberal?" The Political Science Reviewer. 2007. [article]
Grant Havers. "Is Liberal Democracy too Liberal?" 2007. [conference paper]
Carolyn Kristjansson. "Interpersonal dimensions of community in graduate online learning: Exploring social presence through the lens of Systemic Functional Linguistics," The Internet and Higher Education. 2007. [article]
Joel N. Lohr. "He Identified with the Lowly and Became a Slave to All: Paul's Tent-making as a Strategy for Mission," Currents in Theology and Mission. June 2007. [article]
Murray D. MacTavish. "Korean Nurses in an American Hospital: An Examination of the Factors Influencing Critical Thinking Processes," 2007. [article]
Murray D. MacTavish. "An Examination of the Dynamics of Organizational Culture and Values-based Leader Identities and Behaviors: One Company's Experience." 2008. [article]
Murray D. MacTavish. "A Model of Engagement for Teacher Leaders," Journal of Educational Administration. ca. 2007. [article]

Don Ariel; Bart Begalka; Michael Bodner; Robert Doede; Janet Epp Buckingham; Amanda Flint; Erica Grimm; Sonya Grypma; Ka Yin Leung; Dorothy Peters; Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham

File consists of the following publications:

P. Donald Ariel. "Extended Homotopy Perturbation Method and the Flow past a Nonlinearly Stretching Sheet," Nonlinear Science. 2011. [article]
P. Donald Ariel. "Homotopy Perturbation Method and the Stagnation Point Flow," Applications and Applied Mathematics. 2011. [article]
Bart Begalka. "Hybridized Strategies for Professional Education in Psychotherapy: Indonesia, Canada, and Competency Based Curriculum Development." August 2010. [conference paper]
Bart Begalka. "Intersectional forms of Professional Identity for Counselling Psychology in Canada: Justice-based Professional Advocacy." 2011. [PowerPoint presentation]
Michael E. Bodner. "Smoking Cessation and Counseling: Knowledge and Views of Canadian Physical Therapists," Physical Therapy Journal. July 2011. [article]
Robert Doede. "Technologies and Species Transitions: Polanyi, on a Path to Posthumanity?" Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society. 2011. [article]
Janet Epp Buckingham. "Discrimination on the Basis of 'Creed' Under the Ontario Human Rights Code," Canadian Diversity. 2012. [article]
Amanda Flint. "Challenges Facing International Post-Secondary Students Aspiring to become Chartered Accountants in British Columbia, Canada," The International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations. 2010. [article]
Erica Grimm. "Matter and Spirit: Creation and Incarnation." ca. 2010. [article]
Sonya Grypma. "When We Were (almost) Chinese,"Histoire sociale / Social History. November 2010. [article]
Sonya Grypma. "What Ever Happened to Missionary Nursing?" Canadian Nurse. 2010. [article]
Sonya Grypma. "On the Same Team," Canadian Nurse. 2010. [article]
Sonya Grypma. "Revis(it)ing Nursing History," Canadian Nurse. 2010. [article]
Ka Yin Leung. "Type VI secretion regulation," Current Opinion in Microbiology. 2011. [article]
Dorothy M. Peters. "The Recombination and Evolution of Noah Traditions." 2010. [book chapter]
Dorothy M. Peters. "In Whose Hand the Sword?" November 2010. [conference paper]
Dorothy M. Peters. " Hospitality and Violence Towards the 'Outsider'." August 2010. [conference paper]
Dorothy M. Peters. "The Inside Story on the Enemy Outsider." August 2010. [conference paper]
Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham. "Hospitable Hospitals in a Diverse Society," Journal of Religious Health. 2010. [article]
Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham. "The Advocate-Analyst Dialectic in a Critical and Postcolonial Feminist Research," Advances in Nursing Science. 2010. [article]
Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham. "Community Research from a Post-Colonial Feminist Perspective." 2010. [book chapter - draft]
Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham. "Ethical Spaces: Research in Home Health Settings." 2010. [PowerPoint presentation and conference paper]
Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham. "Problematizing Social Justice." ca. 2010. [book chapter]
Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham. "Insectionality: Religion as more than 'etc.'" January 2011. [conference paper]
Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham. "Considering the Contributions of Critical Methods." 2009. [conference paper]
Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham. "Professional Roles in Spiritual Caregiving." March 2009. [conference paper]

Robert Doede; Janet Epp Buckingham; Sonya Grypma; Monika Hilder; Allyson Jule; Sara Pearson; Myron Penner

File consists of the following publications:

Bob Doede. “Transhumanism, Technology, and the Future: Posthumanity Emerging or Sub-Humanity Descending?” Appraisal. March 2009. [article]
Janet Epp Buckingham. “Drivers Needed: Tough Choices from Alberta v. Wilson Colony of Hutterian Brethren,” Constitutional Forum constitutionnel. 2010. [article]
Janet Epp Buckingham. “Discrimination on the basis of “creed” under the Ontario Human Rights Code.” March 2010. [article]
Janet Epp Buckingham. “Nobel Committee jumps the gun,” Canada Today. ca. 2009. [article]
Janet Epp Buckingham. “How to deal with a crisis: Churches and individuals need to be prepared,” Canada Today. ca. 2009. [article]
Janet Epp Buckingham. “Human rights tribunals should stay out of church,” Canada Today. ca. 2009. [article]
Janet Epp Buckingham. “Communion and depression: lessons from Stephen Harper,” Canada Today. ca. 2009. [article]
Janet Epp Buckingham. “Bearing witness in a stereotyping world,” Cardus. April 2009. [article]
Janet Epp Buckingham. “When to speak up,” Cardus. September 2009. [article]
Janet Epp Buckingham. “Shut Down, Shut Up and Shut Out: Religious Freedom in Canada,” The Voice of the Martyrs Canada. May 2009. [article]
Sonya Grypma. “Nursing in Need of Transformation: What Are We Searching For?” Journal of Christian Nursing. Summer 2009. [article]
Sonya Grypma. “Essential Nursing Values: Re-Envisioning for the 21st Century,” Journal of Christian Nursing. Summer 2009. [article]
Monika B. Hilder. “The Gender Dance: C.S. Lewis’s Ironic Subversion Towards a Vision of Wholeness in Perelandra.” 2009. [article]
Monika B. Hilder. “Consolation in Un/certainty: The Sacred Spaces of Suffering in the Children’s Fantasy Literature of George MacDonald, C.S. Lewis, and Madeline L’Engle.” ca. 2009. [book chapter – draft]
Monika Hilder. “Surprised by the Feminine: A Rereading of Gender Discourse in C.S. Lewis’s Perelandra.” June 2009. [article]
Allyson Jule. “Masculinity as Public Performance: Gendered Language Patterns and Religious Identity in a College Classroom.” 2008. [book chapter]
Allyson Jule. “A Case Study of Mrs Smith’s Words and Her Quiet Girls.” December 2009. [book chapter]
Sara Pearson. “Constructing Masculine Narrative: Charlotte Brontë’s The Professor.” 2010. [book chapter]
Myron Penner. “On Klaas Kraay’s ‘Incommensurability, Incomparability, and God’s Choice of a World’.” ca. 2009. [response paper]
Myron Penner. “On Yual Chiek’s ‘Is Williamson a Skeptic?’” ca. 2009. [response paper]
Myron Penner. “Does Skeptical Theism Lead to Unfalsifiable and Crazy Theism?” ca. 2009. [article]

Barbara Astle; Harold Faw; Sonya Grypma; David Jordan; Rick Sawatzky; Bill Strom

File consists of the following publications:

Barbara J. Astle. “Students Connecting Critical Appraisal to Evidence-Based Practice: A Teaching-Learning Activity for Research Literacy,” Journal of Nursing Education. November 2012. [article]
Harold W. Faw. “Predicting Drivers’ Behavioural Intentions: Sometimes We Can Do It.” June 2012. [conference paper]
Harold W. Faw. “To Signal or Not to Signal: That Shouldn’t Be the Question,” Accident Analysis and Prevention. 2013. [article]
Sonya Grypma. “Returning Home: Historical Influences on Home Healthcare in Canada,” Home Healthcare Nurse. September 2012. [article]
Sonya Grypma. “Religion and Ethics in Pluralistic Healthcare Contexts,” Journal of Christian Nursing. 2013. [article]
Sonya Grypma. “Regarding Mrs. Chase,” Journal of Christian Nursing. 2012. [article]
Sonya Grypma. “Health and Medicine in Twentieth-Century China,” China Medical Board. 2012. [article]
David A. Jordan. “A Preliminary Dendrochronological Analysis of Mountain View Conservation Area Crown Lands in Fort Langley, BC.” 2013. [report]
Richard Sawatzky. “Guidelines for secondary analysis in search of response shift,” Quality of Life Research. April 2013. [article]
Richard Sawatzky. “The privileged normalization of marijuana use – an analysis of Canadian newspaper reporting, 1997-2007,” Critical Public Health. 2013. [article]
Richard Sawatzky. “Discourses of spirituality and leadership in nursing: a mixed methods analysis,” Journal of Nursing Management. 2012. [article]
Richard Sawatzky. “Understanding the Landscape: Promoting Health for Rural Individuals After Tertiary Level Cardiac Revascularization,” The Journal of Rural Health. 2013. [article]
Richard Sawatzky. “Relative importance measures for reprioritization response shift,” Quality of Life Research. 2013. [article]
Bill Strom. More Than Talk (Fourth Edition). 2013. [book chapters]
Bill Strom. “Contractualism, Commitalism, and Covenantalism: A Worldview Dimensional Analysis of Human Relating,” Communication Studies. 2012. [article]

Sonya Grypma; Grant Havers; David Jordan

File consists of the following publications:

Sonya Grypma. “China Confidential: Methodological and Ethical Challenges in Global Nursing Historiography,” Nursing History Review. 2012. [article]
Sonya J. Grypma. “China Nurse Jean Ewen: Embracing and Abandoning Communist Revolutionaries,” Journal of Historical Biography. Spring 2011. [article]
Sonya Grypma. “Missionary Nursing: Internationalizing Religious Ideals.” 2011. [book chapter]
Sonya Grypma. “A Room of One’s Own,” Journal of Christian Nursing. 2011. [article]
Sonya Grypma. “Reintroducing the Pinning Ceremony,” Journal of Christian Nursing. 2011. [article]
Sonya Grypma. “The Value of Feisty Students,” Journal of Christian Nursing. 2011. [article]
Sonya Grypma. “In Retrospect: (Re)searching for hidden treasure,” Journal of Christian Nursing. March 2011. [article]
Grant N. Havers. “Carl Schmitt, Leo Strauss, and the Necessity of Political Theology.” 2012. [book chapter]
Grant N. Havers. “Willmoore Kendall for Our Times,” Modern Age. 2011. [article]
David A. Jordan. “Langley Bog Scientific Projects Report 2008-2009.” February 2011. [report]
David A. Jordan. “Dendrochronological Potential of Quercus Garryana, Saltspring Island, British Columbia,” Tree-Ring Research. 2012. [article]
David A. Jordan. “Techniques to Promote Garry Oak Seedling Growth and Survival in Areas with High Levels of Herbivory and Competition,” Northwest Science. 2011. [article]

Allyson Jule; Derrick Klaassen; Janelle Kwee; Sara Pearson; Dorothy Peters; Rick Sawatzky; Arnold Sikkema; Andrea Soberg

File consists of the following publications:

Allyson Jule. “Gender Theory.” ca. 2012. [article]
Allyson Jule. “Are We Doomed? Why Christian Colleges and Universities Must Lead on the Issue of Gender Equity and Why They Don’t.” 2012. [book chapter]
Allyson Jule. “Princesses in the Classroom: Young Children Learning to be Human in a Gendered World,” Canadian Children. November 2011. [article]
Derrick Klaassen. “Das Geistliche Leben Trauernder Eltern,” Existenzanalyse. 2011.
Janelle Kwee. “The Adult Survivor: What Healing Is and Is Not.” 2011. [book chapter]
Sara Pearson. “‘The Coming Man’: Revelations of Male Character in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre.” August 2011. [conference paper]
Dorothy M. Peters. “The Scrolls and the Scriptures on the Margins: Remembered in Canons or Forgotten in Caves.” 2011. [book chapter]
Dorothy M. Peters. “Noah Traditions within the Cultural Mosaic at Qumran: Multilingual Conversations and Controversies.” 2011. [book chapter]
Dorothy M. Peters. “‘In Whose Hand the Sword’? Divine and Human Initiatives in the Dead Sea Scrolls.” November 2011. [conference paper]
Richard G. Sawatzky. “A computer-assisted approach to filtering large numbers of documents for media analyses,” International Journal of Social Research Methodology. January 2012. [article]
Richard G. Sawatzky. “Stress and Depression in Students: The Mediating Role of Stress Management Self-efficacy,” Nursing Research. 2012. [article]
Richard G. Sawatzky. “Latent variable mixture models: a promising approach for the validation of patient reported outcomes,” Quality of Life Research. August 2011. [article]
Richard G. Sawatsky. “Sacred spaces in public places: religious and spiritual plurality in health care,” Nursing Inquiry. 2011. [article]
Arnold E. Sikkema. “Nuancing the place and purpose of the physical aspect in biology and emergence,” International Journal of Multi Aspectual Practice. May 2011. [article]
Arnold E. Sikkema. “Responses to and Remarks on van der Meer and Stafleu on Physics, Biology, and Emergence.” August 2011. [conference paper]
Arnold E. Sikkema. “Christian Engineering Education in Canada.” 2011. [article]
Andrea Soberg. “Understanding the Real Imbalance When Conducting Human Resource Planning,” European Journal of Management. 2011. [article]
Andrea Soberg. “Teambuilding and Teamwork: Creating an Effective Work Environment.” ca. 2011. [workshop]

Eve Stringham; Bill Strom; Rick Sutcliffe; Harro Van Brummelen; Lachlan Whatley; Phillip Wiebe

File consists of the following publications:

Eve G. Stringham. “Live Cell Imagining of the Cytoskeleton.” 2012. [book chapter]
Eve G. Stringham. “Distinct Cell Guidance Pathways Controlled by the Rac and Rho GEF Domains of UNC-73/TRIO in Caenorhabditis elegans,” Genetics. January 2012. [article]
Bill Strom. “Contractualism, Commitalism, and Covenantalism: Worldviews of Human Relating,” Communication Studies. 2011. [article]
Rick Sutcliffe. “Technology News and Views Since 1983 (12 articles),” (2011). [articles]
Harro Van Brummelen. “‘Have They Learned to Swim Around in the Big Puddle?’: Cultural Awareness and Engagement of Christian High School Students,” Journal of School Choice. 2012. [article]
Harro Van Brummelen. “What John Calvin and Osama Bin Laden Had in Common,” The Banner. September 2011. [article]
Harro Van Brummelen. “Do Christian Schools Make a Difference?” Christian Courier. ca. 2011. [article]
Lachlan Whatley. “What is the Role of Perceived Leadership Capacity in Presidential Politics?” Journal of Leadership Studies. 2011. [article]
Lachlan Whatley. “A New Model for Family Owned Business Succession,” Organization Development Journal. 2011. [article]
Phillip H. Wiebe. “Deliverance and Exorcism in Philosophical Perspective.” 2011. [book chapter]

Paul Brown; Dirk Buchner; David Clements; Melinda Dewsbury; Bob Doede; Michael Goheen; Erica Grimm-Vance; Grant Havers; Allyson Jule

File consists of the following publications:

Paul D. Brown. “Inhibitory Effect of Tall Hedge Mustard (Sisymbrium loeselii) Allelochemicals on Rangeland Plants and Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi,” Weed Science. 2009. [article]
Paul D. Brown. “Intelligent Design.” 2009. [book chapter]
Dirk Buchner. “The Thysia Soteriou of the Septuagint and the Greek Cult: Representation and Accommodation.” 2008. [pamphlet]
David R. Clements. “The biology of Canadian weeds. 139. Rhamnus cathartica L.,” Canadian Journal of Plant Science. 2009. [article]
David R. Clements. “Invasive species issues in Canada – How can ecology help?” Canadian Journal of Plant Science. 2007. [article]
Melinda Dewsbury. “EAP Writing: Medusa or Siren? Meeting the Whole Person Through Sustained Content.” 2008. [conference paper]
Jeff R. Warren. “Bog: Transformation and Memory.” ca. [art installation]
Robert P. Doede. “Polanyi in the Face of Transhumanism,” Tradition and Discovery: The Polanyi Society Periodical. January 2008. [article]
Stephen Dunning. “What Would Sam Walters Do?” Canadian Literature. 2008. [article]
Michael W. Goheen. “Chosen by God for the Sake of the World: The Missional Church in the Biblical Story,” Reformed Theology. October 2008. [article]
Erica Grimm-Vance. “Reflections from an “Ocean Dweller”: Art as Mimesis, Form, Sign, and Philosophical Inquiry.” 2009. [book chapter]
Grant Havers. “The Politics of Religious Experience.” June 2008. [conference paper]
Allyson Jule. “A Case Study of Mrs. Smith’s Words and Her Quiet Girls.” ca. 2009. [book chapter]

Sonya Grypma; Angela Konrad; Carolyn Kristjánsson; Joel Lohr; Dorothy Peters; Sheryl Reimer Kirkham

File consists of the following publications:

Sonya Grypma. “Spritual Health.” 2010. [book chapter – adaptation]
Sonya Grypma. “Critical Issues in the Use of Biographic Methods in Nursing History.” ca. 2010. [book chapter]
Sonya Grypma. “Using Alternative Media to Disseminate Historical Research: A Two-Part Documentary Case Study.” May 2008. [conference paper]
Sonya Grypma. “Behind the Scenes in China: Using film to disseminate historical research.” ca. 2008. [PowerPoint presentation]
Angela Konrad. “My Philosophy of Teaching (The Transformational Power of Theatre).” ca. 2009. [article]
Carolyn Kristjánsson. “Afterword: The Dilemma.” 2009. [book chapter]
Joel N. Lohr. “Righteous Abel, Wicked Cain: Genesis 4:1-16 in the Masoretic Text, the Septuagint, and the New Testament,” Catholic Biblical Quarterly. July 2009. [article]
Joel N. Lohr. “So YHWH established a sign for Cain: Rethinking Genesis 4, 15,” Zeitschrift für die Alttestamentliche Wissenschaft. March 2009. [article]
Sara Pearson. “Religion, Gender and Authority in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre.” February 2009. [presentation]
Sara Pearson. “Religion, Gender, and Authority in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, Or, Why Women are Mad about Rochester.” ca. 2009. [PowerPoint presentation]
Dorothy M. Peters. “‘Once Again You Shall See with Difference Between the Righteous and the Wicked’: A Proposed Reunification of 4QCommentary on Malachi and 4QCommentary on Genesis B.” November 2008. [conference paper]
Sheryl Reimer Kirkham. “Keeping the Vision: Sustaining Social Consciousness with Nursing Students following International Learning Experiences,” International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship. 2008. [article]
Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham. “Conceptualizing spirituality and religion for healthcare,” Journal of Clinical Nursing. 2008. [article]
Sheryl Reimer Kirkham. “Pursing Common Agendas: A Collaborative Model for Knowledge Translation between Research and Practice in Clinical Settings,” Research in Nursing and Health. 2008. [article]
Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham. “Sikhism as Lived Religion: Implications for Nursing Ethics,” Nursing Ethics. July 2009. [article]

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