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Faculty Processional

Photograph of Neil Snider and Bruce Traub leading the faculty processional outside towards the gymnasium for a graduation ceremony

Building Plans

Photograph of R. Neil Snider, Craig Seaton, Doug Sneath, and possibly Arvid Olson reviewing a scale model of the Trinity Western Campus.

Signing of ACTS Consortium

Photograph of the signing of the ACTS Consortium agreement at a conference table in the Robert N. Thompson Building; Bruce Traub at left, R. Neil Snider, Curtis Congo at centre, Herb Sturhahn, Elsie Watts, Julie Denis, Doug Harris, and Gerry Kraft

TW Seminary staff and administrators

Photograph of Trinity Western Seminary staff, administrators, and faculty, posing in their new office in the Fosmark building. This photograph was featured in the October 1993 edition of Campus Insights newsletter.

A Staff and Faculty Awards ceremony

Photograph of president Neil Snider shaking hands with faculty member Allan Kotanen during a Staff and Faculty Awards ceremony behind held in the Douglas Hall cafeteria, with Bruce Traub behind them

Fall convocation

Photograph of Ken Davis, R. Neil Snider, and J. Housten seated and clapping.

Robert N. Thompson book signing

Photograph of Robert N. Thompson posing with John Redekop, Bill VanderZalm, and R. Neil Snider at Thompson's book signing in the Robert N. THompson Building Boardroom.

Neil Snider with Grant Havers

Photograph of President Snider congratulating faculty member Grant Havers on achieving tenure; the two are shaking hands.

R. Neil Snider shaking Adward Yang's hand

Photograph of President R. Neil Snider shaking Ming-Hsin Adward Yang's hand as the student graduates with his Bachelor of Business Administration at a ceremony in Alumni Hall conducted because his parents arrived from Taiwan three days late f...

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