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Office staff at work

Photograph of three female staff members working in an office, one is seated in the centre at a table, and the other two are standing on either side of the table

The Jenstads

Photograph of retired kitchen staff members Agnes and Invald Jenstad standing and smiling at the camera on the porch of their home

Chef Brian Gutteridge

Photograph of staff member Brian Gutteridge, a chef, seated at his desk looking up from his paper work

Irene Geng

Photograph of Irene Geng, Executive Secretary to the President, sitting at her desk, working on her computer; she has turned to face the camera

Christmas party at the Sniders'

Photograph of SNC (Stanley Nelson Centre) staff enjoying a Christmas party at the Snider residence. Dwight Johnson is to the left of the photograph, with his wife Joanne; Irene Geng is sitting on the sofa at the centre of the photograph, and Grac...

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