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Minutes of Meetings

Series consists of minutes of meetings of various committees, including the School-for-Canada Exploratory Committee and the TJC Board


This series consists of records documenting the founding and early years of Trinity Western University, and includes the minutes School-for-Canada Exploratory Committee as well as correspondence, Acts, by-laws, proposals, materials generated for various events, and maps.

Financial Records

Series consists of financial records, including reports, budgets, statements, insurance data, salary information, tax forms, and a 1968 appraisal of TJC

Admissions Records

Series consists of Admissions records documenting the marketing, recruitment, application, orientation, and transfer processes, and includes information re advising, scholarships and awards, probation, new courses and programs (including initial references to the Teacher Education Program, Box 15, File 14), and enrolment and census reports . This series effectively ends in 1984, when Admissions became a separate department.


Series consists of records documenting various events, including tours and reunions

Minutes of Meetings

Series consists of minutes of the meetings of various committees. Various Affiliation documentation (minutes, proposals, agreements) is also filed here.

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