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Olson, Arvid
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Calvin B. Hanson Chapel

Photograph of Arvid Olson and another man standing at the podium with students seated; taken from the back door of the chapel.

Board of Governors members

Photograph of the members of the Board of Governors council posing at the far end of a table in the conference room; names of members are on verso of photo

Construction of Fraser Hall

Photograph of staff member Doug Sneath talking with administrator Arvid Olson about the construction ofFraser Hall

Fraser Hall Construction

Photograph of Arvid Olson and another male administrator (possibly Doug Sneath?) standing in front of the construction site of Fraser Hall, inspecting the blueprints for the building

Baptismal service.

Slide is of administrator Arvid Olson, in yellow, standing on the left and President Neil Snider in white as they both assist with a baptism of a student in a river or a pond.

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