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Faculty processional

Photograph of Dr. Elsie Holmes dressed in full regalia while standing at the top of a set of stairs talking with Neil Snider during a faculty processional at a graduation ceremony

Building Plans

Photograph of R. Neil Snider, Craig Seaton, Doug Sneath, and possibly Arvid Olson reviewing a scale model of the Trinity Western Campus.

Staff and faculty at a banquet

Photograph of faculty, administrators, and staff eating at a banquet; includes Jack Van Dyke, Helene Pauls, and R. Neil Snider.


Photograph of Richard Mitchener talking at the freshamn Banquet with Neil Sndier and Marlie Snider in the centre.

Ceremony for the opening of McMillan Park

Photograph of Stan Fryer, David Twiest, Neil Snider, a representative of Canada Manpower, and Weir Muir standing in front of the historic marker during the opening ceremonies of McMillan Park on Thursday September 23rd

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