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Education - Church and Bible Schools

Sub-series includes records pertaining to several Bible School courses taken by Thompson with the Religious Education Council (1930), the Lutheran Leadership Course (1938-1939), and Moody Bible Institute (1942)01.09.02 - Personal History/Education...

Sudan Interior Mission

This series consists of textual records documenting Thompson's service with Sudan Interior Mission in Ethiopia, including notes on a conference at Soddu (1933), correspondence, transcripts of radio broadcasts, prayer letters, receipts, Alien ...

C.C.F. (Cooperative Commonwealth Federation)

  • CA TWU Wicks-1-03 14
  • Pasta/Processo
  • 1933; 1955-1953; 1955-1960
  • Parte de Lyle Wicks fonds

File consists of records including: newspaper clippings, newsletters, flyers, the CCF (Cooperative Commonwealth Federation): a record of failure, by John A. Irving (10/10/55); CCF Program for British Colombia (04/53)


This series consists of records documenting Thompson's correspondence with individuals and various organisations01.02 - Correspondence (General)Box 03File 01 1933File 02 1936File 03 1943File 04 1947; ChristmasFile 05 1949File 06 1950’sFile 07...

Military Years/Ethiopia

This sous-fonds consists of records created during Thompson's military career, in Canada and Ethiopia, and during his work in Ethiopia with the Sudan Interior Mission (SIM) and with the Ethiopian Government, under Haile Selassie.

Social Credit Leaflets

Miscellaneous leaflets, newsletters (including one reference to Aberhart's death) and one brief re the Governor of the Bank of Canada (1943-1954) draft copy of "Social Credit School" course outlines, sponsored by the Social Credit A...


This series consists of textual records documenting aspects of Thompson's political career as a whole. Sub-series within this series are: articles by Thompson (03.01), articles about Thompson (03.02), speeches and broadcasts (03.03), and mat...

Education - Other

Sub-series includes records pertaining to several courses Thompson was enrolled in at Garbutt Business College (1937) and Northgate Graduate School (1989)01.09.05 - Personal History/Education/OtherBox 19File 01 Garbutt Business College Ltd (1937)F...

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