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Concert choir on stage in the chapel

Photograph of the concert choir posing on stage in the chapel with their instructor David Rushton standing in the front, middle; the women are wearing matching long, dark dresses with white collars

Men's hockey team posing on the ice

Photograph of the men's hockey team posing in uniform on the ice with their coach Bill Luke on the right; names of players on verso of photo

Ceremony for the opening of McMillan Park

Photograph of Stan Fryer, David Twiest, Neil Snider, a representative of Canada Manpower, and Weir Muir standing in front of the historic marker during the opening ceremonies of McMillan Park on Thursday September 23rd

Staff and Faculty Day 1993

Photograph of Bill Strom, Communications professor, standing in the gymnasium on Staff and Faculty Day in August, 1993, performing with a ventriloquist's dummy on his knee

A Staff and Faculty Awards ceremony

Photograph of administrator Bruce Traub presenting a certificate to faculty member Jackson McAllister during a Staff and Faculty Awards ceremony being held in the Douglas Hall cafeteria


Photograph of Dr. Ron Philipchalk, psychology professor, posing outside in front of a bush.

Dan Woodland

Photograph of faculty member Dan Woodland; yearbook photo.

Faculty member lecturing

Photograph of a male faculty member lecturing in front of an overhead projector at the head of a classroom

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