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Print dockets for projects including Estate Planning Seminar Posters, Senior Focus Brochure, Estate Planning Poster 11 x 17 (reprint), Torch June, Envelopes 9 1/2 x 5 3/4, Legacy June 2000, Parents Prayer, Distinguished Alumni Booklet, Alumni Menu, Alumni Sports Reunion, Distinguished Alumni Ad (BC Christian News), Alumni Cheerleader Postcard, Alumni Decals (and reprint), 9 x 12 envelopes, Alberta Reunion Card, Grad Cards

File consists of records including sample copies of posters, brochures, newsletters, envelopes, bulletins, booklets, menus, inserts, news clippings, postcards, decals, and cards. For docket envelopes which also contain digital files on CD-ROMs, see docket numbers: 40119; 40128; 20067; 20065; 20059; 20054

Sample Copies

File consists of records including TWU development newsletter - October 1999; planned giving receipt cards; blank contribution receipt form; ACTS Seminary Fair poster; ACTS Short Course highlights flyer; EFC District Conference Report - Spring 1999; Legal Challenge mailing; ESL flyer; Introductory Statement to TWU Core Values Series "TWU as an Arm of the Church - Understanding a Critical Core Value;" TWU Core Values Series - No. 1 "Obeying the Authority of Scripture" - February 6, 1999; Legal Challenge prayer cards reprint; graduation ticket and accommodation brochure; ESLI peel and stick labels; ESLI commuter cards; three students booklet and poster; Whistler Getaway Brochure - Summer 1999; condensed discussion paper for effective website communication and website upgrade; grad verse poster; Festival of Praise program - 1999; President's Appreciation Dinner program; "Roots" - Summer 1999; "Summer Times" - July 1999

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