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Thompson, Robert N.
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Minutes, reports, and promotional ideas

File consists of records including minutes of Public Affairs meeting - January 5, 1978; Projected Development Needs 1973-1976; Report to the Board of Governors of TWC from Robert N. Thompson, Vice-President - January 11, 1974; a copy of "Thrust", the quarterly news and review magazine for the EFCC - April 1973 [reference to Robert N. Thompson's retirement as President of the EFCC]; and mock-ups for a promotional brochure

Selected minutes of Board and Advisory meetings and reports to the Board of Governors

File consists of records including communication from Dr. Craig Seaton to Dr. Neil Snider re. re-designation of TWC as TWU - December 11, 1978; list of members of the Board of Governors of TWC - 1977-1978; Progress Report to the Board of Governors on the Federal Cost Sharing Grant and the Amendment to the TWC Act; Minutes of the Board of Governors meeting - January 20, 1977; Report to the Board of Governors by Robert N. Thompson re. B.C. Department of Education, TWC negotiation progress re. federal post-secondary grants and general liaison with government commissions - October 2, 1976; and a description of the President's Advisory Council

Sample Copies

File consists of records including ACTS Ten-Year Report; Robert N. Thompson Eulogy by Don Page; Challenge Course brochure; Parish Nursing as a Church Ministry Workshop brochure; and a minimized sample of degree certificate

Correspondence, public announcements, reports, and proposals involving the Canadian Radio-Television Commission

File consists of records including letters from Robert N. Thompson, Member of Parliament to the Canadian Radio-Television Commission - 1971-1972; "A Proposal for an FM Radio Policy in the Private Sector" by the Canadian Radio-Television Commission - April 19, 1973; Reports on the Canadian Radio-Television Commission hearings from Benno Friesen to Robert N. Thompson - October - November 1973; and agendas and notes from the Canadian Radio-Television Commission Public Hearing in Vancouver - March 12, 1974

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