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  • Pasta/Processo
  • 2017

File consists of records including: programs for various plays. Sorted in chronological order.

List of theatre productions for which programs are filed here:
[continued from File 01]
2017 Jan. 31-Feb. 4 A Kind of Alaska
2017 March 13-Apr. 1 Jane Eyre: the Musical
2017 Oct. 24-Nov. 4 The Cover of Life
2017 Nov. 21-Dec. 2 Copenhagen

Chapel posters.

File consists of chapel posters, including chapel schedules (also known as chapel guides), and weekly chapel schedules promoting chapel speakers and special events.

Staff Handbook.

File consists of a Staff Handbook approved by the Administrative Committee (March 1994) in a branded TWU duotang.


Minutes of Meetings of the Undergraduate Academic Council (UAC) (2009)

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  • Pasta/Processo
  • 2009

File consists of records including minutes; memos; course proposals; Report to UAC by the Core Task Force (CTF) - Ruth Anaya, Kim Franklin, Allan Kotanen, Rick Sutcliffe et al (04/09); Proposal: Bachelor of Arts Honours in Philosophy - Prepared by: Elsie Froment and Grant Havers (02/09)

Office of the Provost

Community Day brochures

File consists of records including programs for the annual Community Day, formerly known as Staff and Faculty Day.

Human Resources

Promotional materials and signage.

Series consists of promotional material and signage for the Norma Marion Alloway Library; such as, posters promoting the LOA, Long Night Against Procrastination, and the Amazing Race library events. In addition, there are posters promoting the services of the library services.

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