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Ethiopian Manuscripts Collection

  • Coll. 12
  • Collection
  • 1601 - 1960

The Ethiopian Manuscripts Collection contains four codices (bound manuscripts) written in Ge'ez, the traditional liturgical language of the the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Text manuscripts include Psalters, Biblical Canticles, the Song of Songs, Ethiopian Orthodox works known as The Praises of Mary and The Gate of Light, and The Bandlet of Righteousness. The collection also consists of carrying cases associated with holding related religious texts, such as the Ethiopian Kitabe leather amulets.

Kiwanis Club Plaque

Object is a carved wood board with an engraved gold-coloured plaque reading "Doctor Robert N. and Mrs. Thompson, in Appreciation of Your Service to Our Country, Clearbrook Kiwanis Club". The board has two plastic sun-like decorations at the top.

Prince Salassie Medallion

Object is a gold-coloured medallion set in wood between two pieces of plastic/plexiglass. The medallion displays a crest and a bust along with Ethiopian lettering. The card inside reads "Presented to R.N. Thompson by Prince Makonnen Hailie Salassie Duke of Harrar June 1951".

RNT Plaque

Object is a granite plaque with a gold-coloured metal piece attached reading "With the compliments of the Office of the President Republic of China" with a flag and Chinese characters. The plaque has red velvet attached to the back.

S.A.L.H Plaque

Object is a wood board with a gold-coloured metal plaque from the South Alberta Light Horse reading "Presented Robert N. Thompson from George A. Brown". A gold-coloured metal crest is attached at the top reading "Canada S.A.L.H., Semper Alacer". A sticker on the back reads "R/D Engraving and Trophies".

Anniversary Plaque

Object is a wood board with a gold coloured plastic plaque reading "50th Anniversary, Robert and Hazel Thompson, May 4th, 1989 - Our Heartiest Congratulations and our deepest appreciation for your involvement in the E.F.C.C - Your friends of the Lower Pacific District", from the Evangelical Free Church of Canada. Made by the Trophy Centre in B.C.

Decorative Plate

Object is a decorative metal plate, possibly brass, with a tiger on the front and strings and tassels attached. The plate is labelled "Honourary Colonel Tiger Division Republic of Korea Army" while the engraving on the plate reads "Mr. Robert N. Thompson, 1967.3.11, M/G Byang Hion Lew, CG, Tiger Rok Division, Vietnam".

Guest Book

Object is a blue guest book with writing inside that reads "1968 Election Conservative Committee Room, 25 May-25 June, Candidate Robert N. Thompson" and is signed by Thompson first.

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