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Ethiopian Psalter

This fragmentary remains of a Ethiopian Psalter is comprised of 50 folios bound into seven quires, and contains Psalm 93 through to Psalm 151, the Biblical Canticles, the Song and Songs, and the beginning of the Praises of Mary. On folio 27r there is an ornamental border at the top of the page.

Pocket Watch

Object is a metal and glass pocket watch with a chain and a decorative pendant at the end, engraved. The metal piece reads "11-3-19". The watch is in a blue case which reads "Cejalvo Cruz, S, Madrid" on the inside.

Prosperity Certificate

Object is a certificate reading "The Government of the Province of Alberta Prosperity certificate, Issued August 5, 1936", signed by William Aberhart - Social Credit, AB Premier 1935-43 and the Provincial Treasurer who's signature is unreadable. Writing in the corner reads "Presented to RN Thompson - 9 Sept 64". The certificate is framed in a black wood frame.

Seal Kap Farm swimming pool

Photograph of members of the Willoughby Fire Department filling the Seal Kap Farm swimming pool for the first time. The donor indicated that the owner, Dan Armstead, may be the person standing on the left side of the photograph, wearing light-coloured shirt and trousers.

Nicholl, Leighton

Axe Head

Object is a metal axe head with a wood handle. The axe head was dug up on TWU property, likely originating from the one of the farms previously located on the land.

Prince Salassie Medallion

Object is a gold-coloured medallion set in wood between two pieces of plastic/plexiglass. The medallion displays a crest and a bust along with Ethiopian lettering. The card inside reads "Presented to R.N. Thompson by Prince Makonnen Hailie Salassie Duke of Harrar June 1951".

Slide 2 - School for Canada Committee on farm property

Slide of School for Canada Committe members standing in a field with a calf. Present, among others, are David Enarson, Pastor Cahill, and possibly Perry Havens. According to the accompanying slideshow presentation transcript, "Three committee members surveyed pasture land in the Langley area. David Enarson noticed that Pastor K. Hill [actually Walter Cahill] was taking off his shoes. When asked why, he answered, 'I am walking on holy ground.' It was this deep spiritual conviction of a select few that led to the purchase of the Seal Kap Dairy Farm.

Aerial view of the campus

Photograph of an aerial view of the campus showing the Seal Kap House, barns and other buildings that were on the original property before purchase for T.W.C.

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