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Administrators at a graduation ceremony

Photograph of Ken Davis and Neil Snider standing behind a podium at a graduation ceremony with faculty and administrators standing on the stage clapping

The Snider family

Photograph of the Snider family posing together at the front of a church.

Dr. Snider at graduation

Photograph of president Neil Snider dressed in full regalia, posing for the camera with Colonel Heath Bottomly after a graduation ceremony


Photograph of a faculty processional led by two female student ushers, with Neil Snider and Don Page leading the faculty

Cramer, Elaine

Thompson's book signing

Photograph of Bill VanderZalm and Neil Snider posing at Robert N. Thompson's book signing in the Robert N. Thompson Building boardroom.

The 25th Anniversary Celebration

Photograph of former president Calvin Hanson addressing the assembled guests from behind a microphone in the gymnasium during the 25th Anniversary Celebration, taken from the side


Photograph of faculty member Harro Van Brummelen dressed in full regalia while shaking hands with a female graduating student in the chapel, with Neil Snider standing to the left on the stage

Grand opening ceremony for the new library

Photograph of Neil Snider addressing the assembly gathered in the gymnasium during the grand opening ceremony for the new library; he is flanked by architect Arthur Allen, Bert Friesen and David Twiest

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