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Robert Thompson posing with visitors

Photograph of administrator Robert N. Thompson posing outside on the lawn in front of Seal Kap with visitors from Alberta during a campus tour

Ground-breaking ceremony for the new library

Photograph of Library Director David Twiest and faculty member Harold Harder turning a spadeful of dirt at the ground-breaking ceremony for the new library during the spring of 1988

Student singing during a retirement party

Photograph of Steve Larsen, supported by Guy Saffold and another man, standing next to a female student who is singing on stage during Steve's retirement party

A Staff and Faculty Awards ceremony

Photograph of administrator Bruce Traub presenting a certificate to a female staff member, possibly Rosemary Dobbs, during a Staff and Faculty Awards ceremony being held in the Douglas Hall cafeteria

Western Pentecostal Bible College affiliation

Photograph of Guy Saffold and Neil Snider with two administrators from WPBC, standing in front of a sign reading "Western Pentecostal Bible College." One of the two administrators may be Jim Richards, President. The photograph was like...

Portrait of Marvin Kehler

Photograph of a professional portrait shot of administrator Marvin Kehler, member of the Board of Governors

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