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Staff member Chet Larson

Photograph of a professional portrait of staff member Chet Larson looking off to the left with a smile on his face

Staff serving at a picnic

Photograph of staff member Dwight Johnson wearing a white shirt and black bow tie while serving coffee to students seated at tables during an outdoor picnic

Aviation staff barbeque held at the Smiths'

Photograph of Aviation staff members and their families at a barbeque; attendees pictured include Rosella Pettigrew, Robin Edwards, Lynn and Doug Comrie, Bob Chapman, Michelle and Allan Onsorge, Ruth Chapman, Shaylene Smith, Jeanette Blaker, Matt Edwards

Orville Lyttle and Joan Sydorak

Photograph of Orville Lyttle, TWU Registrar, being presented with a gift by long-time colleague Joan Sydorak on the occasion of his retirement. The photograph is dated October 30, 1997.

Soapbox Derby

Photograph of Dwight Johnson in the lead of a a go-kart race with a crowd of students in the background during Homecoming Week

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