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Student manning command centre

Photograph of student Paul Elliott talking to a couple of students while manning The Challenge command centre in front of the Chapel

Neil Snider at Podium

Photograph of an upclose shot of Neil Snider standing at a podium during Founders' Week

Faculty and Staff posing during a special occasion

Photograph of a group of faculty and staff with spouses standing around a table with a special-occasion cake on it - including Perry and Verna Havens, Calvin Hanson, David Jaeger, Stanley Nelson and Don Tavolacci

Harvest Fest '94

Photograph of children at Harvest Festival. A note in black ink on the back of the photograph reads "(L to R) Thomas Allen and Tyler Lavik of Aldergrove, joined in a jello eating contest at TWU's Harvest Festival on Oct. 31st."

Cramer, Elaine

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