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  • 2017

File consists of records including: programs for various plays. Sorted in chronological order.

List of theatre productions for which programs are filed here:
[continued from File 01]
2017 Jan. 31-Feb. 4 A Kind of Alaska
2017 March 13-Apr. 1 Jane Eyre: the Musical
2017 Oct. 24-Nov. 4 The Cover of Life
2017 Nov. 21-Dec. 2 Copenhagen

Papers of Faculty: Selected Published Materials

  • CA TWU 63.01
  • Archief
  • 1962-1999; 2004; 2007-2017

Fonds consists of published materials including articles, addresses, essays, poetry, books, theses, etc., written by faculty members. Only faculty publications donated voluntarily to the archives are filed here.
Fonds includes two series:
Series 01: General
Series 02: Office of Research

TWU Archives

Phillip Wiebe; Michael Wilkinson

File consists of the following publications:
Phillip Wiebe. "The Socratic Legacy in Cognitive Science and Methodology." 2007 [book chapter]
Michael Wilkinson. "Faith-Based Social Services in North America: A Comparison of American and Canadian Religious History Initiative." ca. 2008. [article]

Lynn Szabo; Landa Terblanche; Dennis Venema; Michael Wilkinson; Don Ariel; Bart Begalka; David Clements

File consists of the following publications:

Lynn Szabo. “In the Dark before the Dawn”; Thomas Merton’s Mystical Poetics,” The Merton Annual. 2009. [article]
Lynn Szabo. “Shadows and Pathways: Four Unpublished Poems of Thomas Merton,” The Merton Annual. 2009. [article]
Lynn Szabo. Psalm for a Bride. 2010. [musical composition – lyrics]
Landa Terblanch. “The Systems of Psychodynamic Leadership Coaching Experiences of Nursing Managers,” Journal of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences. 2010. [article]
Dennis R. Venema. “Genesis and the Genome: Genomics Evidence for Human-Ape Common Ancestry and Ancestral Hominid Population Sizes,” Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith. September 2010. [article]
Dennis R. Venema. “An Evangelical Geneticist’s Critique of Reasons to Believe’s Testable Creation Model: RTB and Human-Ape Common Ancestry,” The BioLogos Foundation. ca. 2010. [article]
Michael Wilkinson. A Liberating Spirit: Pentecostals and Social Action in North America (Introduction and Chapter 9). 2010. [book]
Michael Wilkinson. “The Impact of Globalization on Pentecostals in Canada.” 2010. [book chapter]
Michael Wilkinson. “Public Acts of Forgiveness.” 2010. [book chapter]
Michael Wilkinson. “A Demographic Look at Evangelical Congregations,” Church and Faith Trends. August 2010. [article]
P. Donald Ariel. “Homotopy Perturbation Method and the Natural Convection Flow of a Third Grade Fluid through a Circular Tube,” Journal of Nonlinear Science. 2010. [article]
Bart Begalka. “Hybridized Strategies for Professional Education in Psychotherapy: Indonesia, Canada, and Competency Based Curriculum Development.” 2010. [conference paper]
David R. Clements. “The Biology of Canadian Weeds. 143. Apocynum cannabinum L.,” Canadian Journal of Plant Science. 2009. [article]
David R. Clements. “Plan Community Biomass Shifts in Response to Mowing and Fencing in Invaded Oak Meadows with Non-Native Grasses and Abundant Ungulates,” Journal of the Society for Ecological Restoration International. 2009. [article]

Grant Havers; Allyson Jule

File consists of the following publications:

Grant Havers. “Kierkegaard, Adorno, and the Socratic Individual,” The European Legacy. 2013. [article]
Allyson Jule. “Sailing On: A Mid-Life Look at a Medical Marriage,” Results May Vary. 2013. [book chapter]
Allyson Jule. Gender Theory. ca. 2013. [encyclopedia entry]

Research Office

Kevin Schut; Lynn Szabo; Maggie Theron

File consists of the following publications:

-Kevin Schut. “The virtualization of LEGO,” LEGO studies: examining the building blocks of a transmedial phenomenon. 2014. [book chapter]
-Kevin Schut. “They kill mystery: The mechanistic bias of video game representations of religion and spirituality,” Playing with religion in digital games. 2014. [book chapter]
-Kevin Schut. “Media ecology,” The Routledge companion to video game studies. 2014. [book chapter]
-Lynn R. Szabo. “Why Thomas Merton Still Matters: Thoughts on a Man for All Times,” Merton Seasonal. 2015. [article]
-Maggie Theron. “A Model for the Facilitation of Wholeness of Registered Nurses who Experience Personal Disintegration due to Secondary Trauma,” Canadian Journal of Psychiatric Nursing Research. 2015. [article]

Research Office

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