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Kuehl, Ron
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Ouellette, Harvey

File consists of records including: memos re. university finances, statement of Funds and Purposes (08/06/93), Minutes of Database Management Meeting (09/12/91), minutes of Direct Mail Meeting (09/11/91)

Kuehl, Ron

Crown Foundation I

File consists of records including: financial statements, memos, Trinity Western University Foundation Consolidated Financial Stattements Draft (03/31/95), Draft of Brochure on Trinity Western University Foundation as reviewed by Ron Knechtel (09/13/89), Trinity Western University Foundation (U.S.) Application for Deposit Trust Funding, Trinity Western University Foundation Board Minutes and Backgroud Discussion (01/17/95)

Kuehl, Ron

Poulsen, Jim

File consists of records including: memos re. University finance and donation processing procedures

Kuehl, Ron

Alberta - June 1995

File consists of records including: planning documents for a trip taken by R. Kuehl to a conference

Kuehl, Ron

Admissions restructuring

File consists of records including: Proposed Admissions Office Restructuring, by Ron Kuehl (10/95), Affordability Assessment for Trinity Western University, prepared by Mark R. Sylvester (07/03/95), A Comparative and Historical Analysis of Admissions Marketing Expenditures, prepared by Kirk Kauffeldt, director of Admissions and Enrolment Management (07/15/94)

Kuehl, Ron

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