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Office of the Dean, School of Graduate Studies Fonds
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Online Learning Task Force (OLLTF) proposals reports, correspondence

File contains records including: materials pertaining to the expansion of on-line mediated or distance learning at TWU (Trinity Western University); "White paper on mediated learning at TWU," presented to Dr. Dennis Jameson, by Marjorie Drury, Ted Goshulak, Dr. Ken Kush, Dr. Philip Laird, Linda Long, Steve Morris, Candy O'Connor, Dr. Don Page, Dr. Larry Perkins, Dr. Guy Saffold, and Dr Larry Van Beek (12/00); memo from Harro Van Brummelen, to Dr. Neil Snider, President, copied to Dr. Don Page, Vice President (Academic Affairs), re "Proposal for Task Force on Guided Distance Education" (11/98); "TWU, Vision for improvement and development, strategic initiatives: 1998/99 to 2000/01" [ca. 1999]; report on "Technology-mediated learning current initiatives and implications for Higher Education," presented to the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada, prepared by, Simon Fraser University Telelearning Policy Initiative and TeleEducation NB, with funding from Industry Canada (11/98)

Graduate Council Reform Mandate

File contains records including: records of the Graduate Education Task Force; "History of Graduate Council" [ca. 1990]; "Ad hoc committee to establish basic guidelines for a task force on Graduate Studies" (1989); "Proposal for the establishment and administration of Graduate Programs at Trinity Western University (TWU)," by Dr. Kenneth R. Davis, Dean, sent to the Board of Governors, January 1990 (01/90)

VPAT (Vice President's Administrative Team) Strategic Planning

File contains records including: Academic Planning Goals, minutes of the Graduate Director's Committee, departmental input on Effective Governance, and statements on other Academic Planning Categories; "Academic Strategic Planning Initiative" (01/00); "Minutes of the combined Undergraduate Academic Council and Graduate Council meeting" (10/00); "DOT (Dean's Office Transition, or Dean's Office Team) refocus session notes," with Deane Downey, Dennis Jameson, Candy O'Connor, Don Page, David Twiest, and Harro Van Brummelen attending (05/00)

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