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Thompson, Robert N.
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Kilt with Kilt Pin

Object is a kilt with three leather straps and buckles with a silver coloured sword shaped kilt pin reading "Je Suis Prest". The tartan design is Thomson Red, MacTavish with faded red, green, and blue colours.

WACL Coin Set

Object is a World Anti-Communist League coin set in a red velvet box. The coins are gold and silver-coloured, reading "Freedom for All Mankind, Pres. Chang Kai-Shek of R.O.C. 1887-1975". The president is pictured on the front with the WACL logo on the back. For the 20th WACL conference, August 16-23, 1987, in Taipei.

Family Pocket Watch

Object is a gold pocket watch on a chain with engraved pendant with cursive initials and the date 11-3-19. The metal piece reads "11-3-19". The pocket watch is housed in a blue case with a metal clasp. Inside the case "Cejalvo Cruz, S, Madrid".

Robert N. Thompson Happy Birthday Cartoon

Object is a black framed watercolour cartoon reading "To a Trail Blazer, Happy Birthday" from Reg and Greta, belonging to Robert N. Thompson, depicting Thompson in a canoe pointing at a star.


Object is a silver souvenir coin. The front side of the coin features an image of President Chiang Kai-Shek. The rim is inscribed with text. The coin features Chinese characters above the President's image, reading when roughly translated "---." The English text below reads "Greatest Anti-Communist Prophet: Pres. Chiang Kai-Shek (1887-1975) of the Republic of China." The opposing features the emblem of the World Anti-Communist League, reading "W.A.C.L." in the center. Above reads "Freedom For All Mankind," as well as chinese characters below that read when roughly translated "---." Below reads in english "From Dr. Clement C.P. Chang President, ROC Chapter World Anti-Communist League." | Object is a velvet coin cast. the outside is a dark blue velvet with gold hinges and rim around the opening. The inside features plastic, white edging, with the lower portion of the case featuring a red velvet holder inset with a plastic circle, wherein the coin is. The upper portion of the case is made of white satin, stamped with a gold W.A.C.L. emblem. A white satin ribbon is sewn diagonally across the left side of the satin, with a square piece of yellow paper. It reads in English "WACL Souvenir Coin Diameter: 3.4cm Thickness: 3mm Ingredients: 95% Pure Silver Weight: 27.5g."

Ethiopian Orthodox Icon

Object is a painted Ethiopian icon on wood of a seated unidentified saint or scribe pointing their left hand to script written in Ge’ez, the traditional liturgical language of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. The right hand holds a writing instrument and covers the mouth of the saint or scribe. The individual wears a red robe with white and black stripes and the sleeves are green with red stripes. There is a gold shoulder band with white and black stripes. The top right corner has script written in Ge’ez. The icon is featured a wood base with a carved border.

Marketing and Communications fonds

  • CA TWU 04
  • Fonds
  • 1960-2004, 2007-2008, 2015

The fonds consists of records that document the activities and functions of the University Communications Department, including correspondence, minutes, promotional materials, sample publications, reports and proposals, financial and personnel records, and records pertaining to special events sponsored by the University.
Series within the fonds include the following: Correspondence (F 04.01), Minutes (F 04.02), Financial Records - including those pertaining to Financial Aid (F 04.03), Marketing and Events - primarily drafts and samples, records pertaining to advertising, promotional items, and records documenting special events (F 04.04), Development - primarily fundraising initiatives (F 04.05), Personnel Records (F 04.06), Reports, Proposals, and General Presentations (F 04.07), Bills, Statutes, and Charters (F 04.08)

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  • CA TWU 08
  • Fonds
  • 1960-1996, 2001-2004, 2015-2017

Fonds consists of records documenting the functions and activities of the Development Department
Series include the following:
01 - Minutes, reports, proposals
02 - Correspondence
03 - Financial Development
04 - Events and Public Relations
05 - Personnel
06 - Financial Records
07 - Speeches
08 - Academic Development
09 - Acts, Charters, Bylaws

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The Government of the Province of Alberta Prosperity Certificate

Object is a certificate reading "The Government of the Province of Alberta Prosperity certificate, Issued August 5, 1936", signed by William Aberhart - Social Credit, AB Premier 1935-43 and the Provincial Treasurer who's signature is unreadable. Writing in the corner reads "Presented to RN Thompson - 9 Sept 64". The certificate is framed in a black wooden frame.

Douglas Ruler

Object is a "'Douglas' combined protractor and parallel rule, designed by Commander H.P. Douglas" in a cardboard case with "Robert N. Thompson, Ft/Lieut" in pen on the front of the case and a paper explaining the ruler. The case is closed by a cloth tie. Two objects in the collection.

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