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OttawaWatch 56: The view from Jakarta.

  • CA TWU S02-0056-2005-12-21
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • December 21, 2005
  • Parte deLloyd Mackey fonds.

Article synopsis: Introduces Jeff Hammond, a pastor of a church in Jakarta, Indonesia and his view about Christian peacemaking in a Muslim society.

"You Can't Take It With You" : [poster].

Item is a poster of the production “You Can’t Take It With You,” by Moss Heart and George S. Kaufman and directed by Kerri Norris. Poster features a half golden field upside down circle with two deciduous trees to the left of a three-story farmhouse with a wraparound veranda with a gable roof. The house is cream colour with yellow trim with blue features. The house has a mansard roof with dormers. There are tall slender 2-over-2 sash windows. There is a square attic on top of main roof. The poster background is the texture of brown paper bag with creases. The title of the production is written in black and has the words “take” and “you” bolded and capitalized. The house stands in front of the letter “o” of the word “you”.

"Blue Stockings" : [poster].

Item is a poster of the production “Blue Stockings,” by Jessica Swale and directed by Rebecca Martin. Poster features a white line drawing of a woman riding a bicycle with their left arm raised holing a pendent promoting Cambridge University. Their left leg is set forward and displays a light blue stocking. The woman is in Victorian dress with a traditional hourglass silhouette and wears a bell-shaped skirt and a bodice marked with gigot (or puff) sleeves. The background is navy blue with muted blue stars and dotted lines. There is text on either side of the woman that reads”1896. Women can attend university, but can't graduate. Or can they...? The title of the play is written in white text. The TWU School of the Arts, Media + Culture logo is located bottom left.

"New Generations" : [poster].

Item consists of a whitish, gray circle or moon in the centre with five horizontal line drawings cutting through. The first line drawing located on the top right corner of the circle is of a teddy bear enclosed in a mustard yellow large circle. The second drawing is located underneath offset to the left of the first drawing and features a suitcase enclosed in a purple circle. The third drawing is what appears to be the planet Saturn coloured blue and is nestled under the mustard circle to the right. The fourth drawing is of two pine trees, one large and the other small enclosed in a green circle located to the far left. The fifth drawing is a hamburger enclosed in an orange circle located in the bottom right corner. The poster background is a blackboard with brush streaks. The title of the play is arching over the top of the gray circle.

Reflections manuscript.

Item is a PDF file of the manuscript titled Reflections and is Lloyd Mackey's personal memoir.

More Faithful edited manuscript.

Item is a PDF file consisting of 119 pages of the unedited manuscript of More Faithful Than We Think: Stories and Insights on Canadian Leaders Doing Politics Christianly. In this manuscript, Mackey shows how Christians in the public wrestle with political ideologies and realities. The manuscript was based on material previously published in the author's columns: Capital views, OttawaWatch and Doing politics Christianly.

"Bright Star" : [poster].

Item is a poster for the production "Bright Star," by Steve Martin and Edie Brickell. Item consists of white and blue print on a background of mountains in different shades of blue. In the bottom right corner there is a QR code.

"New Words New Works" : [poster].

Item is a poster for a production of "New Words New Works." Item consists of green, red, pink, orange, and blue letters falling from the top left corner to form the title "New Words New Works" on a grey speckled background. A shadow runs the length of the right side of the poster. In the bottom right corner is a QR code next to the phrase "Scan here for tickets."

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