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TWU Constitution and By-laws

File consists of records including: Trinity Western University Constitution and By-laws (last revised 10/24/87); Copy of resolution [re: change in TWC by-laws] (10/16/82); By-law No. 1: A By-law relating generally to the transaction of the officers of TWC Foundation (9/77); By-laws of Trinity Western College (2/16/77 and undated, plus drafts); Proposed Changes and Additions to the By-laws of TWC (undated); Constitution and By-laws of Trinity Junior College (Incorporated under the “Societies Act,” July 17, 1962 -- Number 6424) (1962) [attached]; College Charter and By-laws (undated); "Trinity Western College" by Robert N. Thompson (1976); "A Small College with a Big Perspective - Important to the Community (1977); TWC Brief to the Select Standing Committee on Standing Orders and Private Bills Regarding an Act to Amend the Trinity Western College Act (7/13/77); An Act to Amend the Trinity Western College Act (1977 and 1985); Chapter 44: An Act Respecting Trinity Western College (1972, 1977, 1979); Petition to Legislative Assembly of B.C. (1/10/77); TWU: A Brief Overview of Langley's University (undated); Articles of Trinity Western College - United States (9/30/78)