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Akt Evangelical Free Church of Canada
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Sample Copies

File consists of records including campus maps reprint; viewbook package with application; viewbook support brochures; Spring 2000 Timetable; Trillium travel bursary postcard; viewbook inserts - 1999; Admission Update for Canada, United States, International students; undergraduate student fees schedule; "Campus Connection:" A Special Newsletter to Parents - Fall 1998, Spring 1999; Student Profiles - Support Karis Scholarship Fund; First Annual Mel Smith Lecture and Scholarship Presentation program; A Campaign for TWU brochure/package; A Campaign for TWU pledge cards; Accepted Student cards advertising Parents' Weekend and Orientation Day; EFCA National Conference newsletter - 1998, 1999; "Legacy Ideas:" News for Friends of TWU - May 1999; EFCC National Conference newsletter - 1999; Foundation brochures; Matching Gifts Companies brochure; Athletics Phone -A - Thon postcard; Phone - A - Thon postcard; and Athletics Phone - A - Thon mail out for the United States

Minutes, reports, and promotional ideas

File consists of records including minutes of Public Affairs meeting - January 5, 1978; Projected Development Needs 1973-1976; Report to the Board of Governors of TWC from Robert N. Thompson, Vice-President - January 11, 1974; a copy of "Thrust", the quarterly news and review magazine for the EFCC - April 1973 [reference to Robert N. Thompson's retirement as President of the EFCC]; and mock-ups for a promotional brochure