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Straw Hat #2

Object is a straw hat. The hat is comprised of tightly woven yellow straw, featuring a flat brim and flat top.

Carved Wooden Pith Helmet (African)

Object is a African Pith Helmet. It is carved from a medium-brown wood. The hat has a downward-angled brim, which features a curved indent along the front, painted black, now faded. Four ridges bridge the brim and the main portion of the helmet, which featureas an intent running width-wise across the middle of the main portion, which is also painted black. There is a raised circle on the top of the helmet, as well as two arration holes on each side of the helmet.

Straw Hat #1

Object is a straw hat. The hat is comprised of tightly woven yellow straw, featuring a downward-angled brim and rounded top.

76th Frazer Highlanders wool scarf and plaque instituting Thompson as Senior Lieutenant at Fort Langley unit

  • Object is a small plaque. It is contained within a wooden frame, with the inner rim of the frame painted gold. Inside the frame is a piece of paper which reads as follows: "Lieutenant Robert N. Thompson, LL.D., KCLJ, FRGS The 78th Fraser's Highlanders, Commanding Officer, Fort Langley-on-the-Frazer Outpost, 8989 Hudson Bay Street, FORT LANGLEY, British Columbia. V0X 1J0. GREETINGS........ BE IT KNOWN to you, our Trusty and Well-Respected Officer, that in future, it is out wish that you will be designated 'The Senior Lieutenant' of Fort Langley-on-the-Frazer, effective April 2, 1979. GIVEN UNDER MY HAND AND ARMOURIAL SEAL: J. Ross Oborne, U.E., K.L.J., Commander of Outposts. ANNO DOMINI This 2nd Day of April '79." J. Ross Oborne's signature is signed above his typed name. There is also a rectangular piece of their tartan attached to the paper by a wax seal, which bears the image of a lion. There is also a Coat of Arms at the bottom which has been glued to the paper.
  • Object is a wool scarf. It is plaid patterned, and comprised of the colours orange, lime, and forest green.

Silver Coin Spoons

Object is two silver spoons. The bowl of each spoon is made from a 50 Matonas coin, which bears the likeness of Haile Selassie. A spiral handle is connected to the coin, and ends with a small loop.

Raised brass Ethiopian Circular object

Object is a brass circular item, possibly a serving dish. The item features three square legs carved with lions. Atop these legs is a circular piece, featuring linking lines carved around the rim as well as four lions and one elephant. The center contains a small cylindrical inset bowl or dish with an elephant carved on the bottom.


Object is a metal menorah. It is made of brass. The base is comprised of two octogonal tiers, each side carved with a wreath-like shape. The second tier connects to the base of the main structure, which is carved with downward-facing leaves. It extends upwards into three, semi-circle rotating arms that bear a candle-holder on each side.

Wooden Hair Comb

Object is a large wooden hair comb. The comb is hand-carved from a dark brown wood. The handle begins in a circular shape, transitioning into an uneven diamond before expanding into the base for the teeth. There are 24 long teeth, each narrowing towards their ends.

Bear Claw

Object is a bear paw. There is medium-brown fur along the top of the paw, which bears five claws. There is a patch image attatched to the paw made of red, yellow, green, and white fabric, displaying an embroidered portait of Haile Selassie within a ring of leaves and a crown hovering about his head. There is also a golden pin attatched to the bottom of patch, featuring The Lion of Judah emblem.

Leather Money Belt

Object is a money belt. The belt is comprised of tan leather. It features to adjustable leather straps and two corresponding silver buckles, attatched with two eyelets. There is a zipper pocket on either side of the belt.

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